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Go Pittsburgh!! #AMERICAISBACK

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2020: what is time?
2021: trying to stay present in the emptiness of time.

#2020wrapped #AmericaIsBack

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I need to happen! #AmericaIsBack #NoDemLeftBehind #SeditionHasConsequences #TreasonHasConsequences #TrumpFailedAmerica

NY Times/WAPO Report Trump Recruits Top DOJ Official to Corruptly Overtu... via @YouTube

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A plan to both prevent evictions and help small landlords cover costs & avoid foreclosure! #Pragmatic #HereToHelp #AmericaIsBack

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@POTUS @JoeBiden Thank you for caring about people! This is such a wonderful change 🙇🏻‍♀️💙💙💙 #grateful #ANewdayInAmerica #AmericaIsBack 🇺🇸

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@morethanmySLE I'm so happy you're doing better 💙


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Im so happy to see something like this that I could cry #Biden #Harris #AmericaIsBack

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How refreshing. Biden administration condemns Putin's crackdown on protestors. America is back! 🇺🇸

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It feels SO nice to have a President again. A real one. #AmericaIsBack

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Finally, let all of these ugly people promoting conspiracies and hurting many people in their wake need to be sued out of existence. Small price to pay fir the destruction they incur but it’s a start. Now let’s add Hannity, Ingraham, Cruz and trump to the list!

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@TeamPelosi @chuckschumer @RepSwalwell @RepJeffries @RepAdamSchiff @TheDemocrats @GOP #impeach #CruzResign #insurrection #ProsecuteTheTraitors #AmericaWakeUp #AMERICAISBACK

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What are you waiting for ? Get your best leads today #AmericaIsBack #AmericaIsBack #AlevAlev #APAN2020 #APANStarAwards2020 #AcademicChatter #3yearsBrightxGMM #18Again #AnswerTheCall #ALDUBatADN288Weeks #BOBBY #BlackLivesMatter #COVID19 #CFC #cryptocurrency

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No more Trump. Grumpy Trump all gone now. And paid Twitter activists and trolls don't know what to do... #AmericaIsBack #Saturday #BidenAdministration

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@robreiner Ramped up the wars & made it ok for biological men to compete against biological women in just 48 hours. All of the above have already gone out the window #AmericaIsBack

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48 hours in and Biden is already ramping up the wars. When he said America is going to be back, he wasn't lying!! #AmericaIsBack

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New Years Resolution be like

#2yearswithtxt #2YEARS_WITH_OURJAEHYUK #AmericaIsBack #ADA #8yearswithyoongi #2021NYEL #8yearswithSUGA #1stAnvWaanjaiMewGulf #BankWithMint #1stAnvWaanjaiMewGulf #countdown #600DaysWithTonight #BB #jokes

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President Joe Trust the staff.


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@Spoonfedstill @davenewworld_2 I sadly hear it in my 3rd grade class. One student told me his favorite thing to watch on TV was Fox News. #AMERICAISBACK

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"America is back": World leaders congratulating President Biden also express palpable relief that the Trump administration had come to an end.

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@funder Joe Biden is a Breath of Fresh Air. We can breathe Again!
#InaugurationDay #AmericaIsBack #HelpIsOnTheWay

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The U.S. strongly condemns the use of harsh tactics against peaceful protesters and journalists in Russia today. We call on Russia to release those detained for exercising their rights, including Aleksey Navalny, and to credibly investigate his poisoning.

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We once again have a President who will stand up to Russian tyranny and aggression. America is back.

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Since we had to go threw a 4 year barrage of #BlameObama, the next 4 years is going to be non-stop #BlameTrump for 'Everything'!
That's Too Bad!

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BREAKING: Prompt Statement by #Biden Administration on #Russia Protests, condemning harsh tactics, crackdown and detentions.

“US will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies and partners in defense of human rights – whether in Russia or wherever they come under threat.”

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Pues nada, el ejército de Estados Unidos vuelve a entrar en Siria

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@Twitter I appreciated how you refused to mother all hatred and violence instigated by our former president. I hope other tech companies soon to be followed.
We have social obligations to uphold. We have children to help. And we cannot live life with a full of hate. #AmericaIsBack

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#JoeBiden Hand on the Bible. Uniting America. Back in Syria. #AmericaIsBack #Democrats

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Dear God.......

“I dont know what Im signing” @JoeBiden

God help us all. This is frightening.

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“It is the policy of the United States to encourage union organizing and collective bargaining” found in an Executive Order signed by @POTUS @JoeBiden yesterday. #1u

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The Texas Supreme Court has denied Alex Jones all forms of relief: Sandy Hook families and others can now sue Jones and InfoWars into the ground.

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En 72 horas de Biden:

⛔Han despedido +70.000 puesto trabajos

⛔Invadió Siria

⛔Hizo que la Guardia Nacional durmiera en un garaje con frío.

⛔Admitió que no tiene un plan para luchar contra COVID19.

⛔Terminó la independencia energética de EE. UU.

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Empathy is back.

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When you read about how Hitler failed at his first attempt to overthrow the government on November 8, 1923, being tried for treason and briefly imprisoned, yet within 8 years had succeeded, then you see how important it is to convict trump and ban him from future federal office!

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🇺🇸 EE.UU | Primer día de Biden en la Presidencia y ya se perdieron 50.000 empleos de un solo plumazo!

Muy bien Joe.🤦🏻‍♂️

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Allegheny County Executive gave us this answer when we asked for his reaction to Senator Cruz’s statement about the Paris Climate Accord not helping our area. @KDKA

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