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A little shorter version of @bjandthebearwi today as @Brian_Butch is out, but @BJ_DeGroot has you covered

617- LaFleur audio #Packers
635- @EricBalkman
651- #BestTweet
717- #Badgers #Packers pet peeves
735- @dinsej
751- Gifting done right


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We are working with our local #badgerprotection charity to raise money to help to protect the badgers in Kirklees.
#badgerlove #wildelifelove #wildlifeprotection #Badgers #Badger #stopthecull

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Gooood morning everyone, I was up early this morning and we have BLUE SKY 😍 so I’m feeling much more upbeat today.

Here’s a gentle reminder of little Brock, whose limited edition prints are available on the website 💛

#badgers #animalartist

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@billieeilish Baru Bikin MV Tanpa Akhir Buat ’Bad Guy‘, Band Ini Punya Duluan

#BillieEilish #Badgers

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@BBCFarmingToday Another session on bovine tb this morning; interview with farmer who's had losses; repeated ref to badgers infecting. No mention of cattle vaccine. No farming view of vaccination sought. Such biased reportage unacceptable. @BadgerTrust @ChrisGPackham #badgers

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Please take time to look at ‘Jan’s Auction’ for KIRKLEES BADGER PROTECTION GROUP’ raising funds to protect the badgers in Kirklees.🦡🦡🦡

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@BBCFarmingToday please would you discuss the bovine TB vaccine. #Badgers are a necessary part of our biodiversity and the #cull needs to stop.

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Not one, but two goals for @sam_stange3 on Monday night! See how the Eau Claire native lit the lamp for the first time in a #Badgers sweater:

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Not one, but two goals for @sam_stange3 on Monday night! See how the Eau Claire native lit the lamp for the first time in a #Badgers sweater:

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Clemson is available

Let's fucking do this


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Remember when I was hanging out with #Badgers coach Bo Ryan? Yeah, me too...That was pretty cool. @BadgerMBB

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What does he do for a living? Wrong answers only


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PJ Fleck to his grandkids someday:

"I only lost once to Wisconsin from 2018-2020"


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Again, not good. #Badgers

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The #Gophers #Badgers rivalry is rated the 22nd best rivalry in all of college football per @AthlonSports

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Great photos by Amber Arnold from tonight's #Badgers victory against Penn State:

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The Gophers might still ruin Wisconsin's remaining Big Ten West title chances

By NOT playing us


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The #Badgers are now at risk of losing a third game this year due to COVID-19.

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Still a big show tomorrow even though @Brian_Butch is out. Join @BJ_DeGroot for @bjandthebearwi at 6am!

617- LaFleur audio #Packers
635- @EricBalkman
651- #BestTweet
717- #Badgers #Packers pet peeves
735- @dinsej
751- Gifting done right.


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This might be the highest mark of distinction that I’ve ever received! @ToddMilewski #Badgers

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When you score your first two goals and the #Badgers win

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Join me over on Facebook to go over the #Badgers' 6-3 victory over Penn State:

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More info on the #Gophers hopes to play the #Badgers this Saturday.

"The Gophers said they aim to return to practice Wednesday and still play Saturday at Wisconsin. The department will provide further updates once it has received more test results."

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The #Badgers can refocus after the loss to Northwestern and shift to the Battle for the Axe


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For all the talk about how #Badgers would be ineligible for Big Ten championship if they don't play Saturday, keep in mind even if they did play, UW would have to win out and Northwestern lose 2 of 3. The Wildcats play Michigan State, Minnesota and Illinois. Pipe dream as is.

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Version two of our story on the #Badgers-Gophers game in jeopardy. Didn't have time to tweet out the first version.

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Minnesota cancel’s practice for COVID-19 reasons, game against Wisconsin is still currently a go #Badgers

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The #Badgers were skating in quicksand Monday, coach Tony Granato said, but still had the lead thanks to Robbie Beydoun before they took charge in the third. The report from LaBahn Arena:

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#Gophers cancel Tuesday's practice over COVID-19 concerns, with Wisconsin game looming:

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We're not playing in the B1G champ game anyways. Honestly don't care if we play this week other than for pride. #badgers

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And ... here ... we ... go.

FWIW, Wednesday is also the deadline for scheduling a different Big Ten opponent (if another game is is danger of being canceled).


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Minnesota will not practice Tuesday as a result of presumptive COVID positive tests Monday. If Saturday’s game at Wisconsin can’t be played, Badgers would not play enough games to be eligible for Big Ten title game

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Combine this with Fleck saying the Gophers were close to not playing last week...and you get some legitimate doubt the #Badgers have a game Saturday.

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This doesn't look good for the #Badgers on Saturday.

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Post: #Gophers vs. #Badgers game Saturday in doubt as medical experts advise Minnesota program to call off Tuesday practice due to "presumptive COVID-19 positive tests."

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@GopherFootball will not practice Tuesday due to several presumed positive COVID-19 tests in Monday and will hold meetings virtually.

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Upon the advice of medical experts, the University of Minnesota football team will not practice on Tuesday and will conduct all meetings virtually as a result of presumptive COVID-19 positive tests Monday. Press release ->

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NEWS: #Gophers football team will not practice Tuesday due to "presumptive COVID-19 positive tests Monday," school said. "The team's goal is to return to a regular practice schedule on Wednesday in preparation for Saturday’s game at Wisconsin."

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Really happy for Jonathan Taylor. Still think he’s gonna be a player. Hard to be a rookie in a year with no offseason or preseason games.

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Calmer® Night is a new comfy sleep aid that is worn in the ears. Order your set here:

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