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1 educational program taking on #SDGS #4 & 16 at the same time.
#JusticeDefenders thank you and please keep up the life changing work!!!

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12 days, 12 prison communities. A Christmas campaign to fund the untapped potential behind bars. #justicedefenders via @justicedefends

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Justice Defenders: The organization teaching prisoners in Africa how to defend themselves in court

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The Solidarity is a community of unlikely allies from all over the world working together to preserve the basic human right that everyone has a right to tell their side of the story. #justicedefenders via @justicedefends

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This is a fascinating and heart warming story about the #JusticeDefenders.

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"People go to prison as a punishment, not for punishing" - Willie Ojolu, Langata Women's Prison Guard. Nairobi, Kenya #Africa #Sunday #60minutes #JusticeDefenders

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#60Minutes very interesting about the #JusticeDefenders in Kenya it just shows stretch out a helping hand and good can comes out of it. Salute to Alexander McLean 🌹

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@60Minutes @andersoncooper Thank you for bringing this profound organization, to the masses. Alexander McLean and #JusticeDefenders are accelerating hope, justice and self-worth; to many of the forgotten. A reminder that wonderful things are possible, when we come together.

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I was thinking "Damn, #JusticeDefenders is cool, I wish they were in America" then I hear that they are here in the United States, too! #60Minutes

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“We make assumptions as people, as a society. And we dig our graves through those assumptions. Law is not for lawyers... Law is not for... the rich. Law is for everyone,” says Morris Kaberia, who successfully appealed his own death sentence in Kenya.

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Justice Defenders says it’s helped more than 18,000 people in Kenya get a fair hearing in the last 3 years. “Those who are guilty of offenses should be punished… But those who are innocent shouldn't be wrongly punished,” says the organization’s founder.

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Even prison guards are taking law school courses to help free prisoners or reduce sentences. #JusticeDefenders #60Minutes #AlexanderMcClean

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“Sometimes in life, we see things that we can't un-see, and then we have a choice as to how we respond to them,” says London-born Alexander McLean, who founded an organization that teaches law to inmates in Africa.

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#JusticeDefenders #Africa was founded to help defenders get a fair trial. They train inmates to become "paralegals" to help other inmates. #60Minutes

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A very intriguing short piece about the Justice Department. It is NON-PARTISAN. #JusticeDefenders #SCOTUS

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Tonight, @andersoncooper reports on Alexander McLean and his organization Justice Defenders, who are providing legal training to hundreds of inmates in Kenya and Uganda so that they can help their fellow prisoners have a fair trial.

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If you watch @60Minutes tonight, you'll get to know George. He taught fellow prisoners to learn to read while he was on death row. Then he studied law, helping prepare the argument that convinced the Supreme Court of Kenya to overturn the mandatory death sentence.

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Looking very forward to seeing @andersoncooper in @60Minutes meet @justicedefends in #Kenya, working towards a situation where ‘’each of us is equally accountable to and protected by the law.” #JusticeDefenders

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What amazing and brilliant idea. Inmates can represent themselves after paralegals Training #JusticeDefenders @justicedefends bravo!! #kenya #Uganda

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Sunday on @60Minutes meet the #JusticeDefenders @justicedefends. In 46 prisons in #Kenya and #Uganda, they’re training 100’s of inmates to be paralegals and even get law degrees so they can help others get fair hearings. The results have been astounding!

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12 days, 12 prison communities. A Christmas campaign to fund the untapped potential behind bars. #justicedefenders via @justicedefends

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We asked grassroots #justicedefenders about the challenges they were facing during #COVID19: How they were adapting their work and what support they would need to effectively serve their communities.

Here are the results:

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Donate £200 now to reunite a family before Covid-19 strikes. #justicedefenders via @justicedefends

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Donate £50 now to reunite a family before Covid-19 strikes. #justicedefenders via @justicedefends

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Donate £200 now to reunite a family before Covid-19 strikes. #justicedefenders via @justicedefends

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Hina Jilani of @TheElders talks of the CRITICAL role of #justicedefenders & #civilsociety in legally empowering communities & in solving structural injustices.“Now is the time to fund& protect these efforts” to accelerate action on #SDG16 and provide hope #JusticeForAll

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@ggabrielabp @FIMA_Chile explica los obstáculos a #justice la falta de conocimiento de jueces, falta de comprensión sobre quién puede presentar los casos, falta de soluciones y amenazas y criminalización de #justicedefenders. #Escazu ayuda a abordar todas estas barreras, pero...

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@ggabrielabp @FIMA_Chile explains the barriers to #justice, lack of knowledge of judges, lack of understanding about who can bring cases forward, lack of solutions, and threats and criminalisation of #justicedefenders. #Escazu helps address all of these barriers but...

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L.A. office on full throttle. Visited clients at 3 different detention centers and went to two different courts yesterday. Exhausted? Yes. Are we gonna stop? No. And that goes for the rest of AOL in San Diego and Tijuana. #honeybadgers #justicedefenders

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@johnallannamu Let equal rights & justice prevail,R.I.P #JusticeDefenders my condolences to their families

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@waltergfloresm “countries need to strengthen justice institutions..but in any rural areas there’s no state presence!.it’s even more important to fund grassroots #justicedefenders who get to communities&help them realise their rights.We also need to support them from risks! 🙌🏻

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The only cesspool is the US administration - I am ashamed that I pay taxes to this government that locks children in cages and will leave #justicedefenders and civilians around the world more at risk...

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