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@BallBlastEm #KCvsTB to see future GOAT vs. current GOAT or #BUFvsTB to see Allen have to go through Brady even after he left the AFC East

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@NFLonFOX It’s going to be #KCvsTB

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Please give us current GOAT vs. future GOAT and the first ever home stadium game for the SB πŸ™πŸΌ


#KCvsTB #SBLV? 🧐

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Poll: Which SB matchup would you like to see?

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I'm calling it now mark my words, it's TB12s revenge tour #SuperBowl will be #KCvsTB a revenge game in which TB12 comes out on Top after have beaten Brees/Rodgers then on to show the youngster he still has it... Trust me I hate him as much as you but I have to respect his game πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

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LINE DRIVE TO THE HEAD. #AlexCobb, 6/15/13, 17:30 #KCvsTB - Scariest moment of my #BaseballLife to date, and I pray, never again. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ 😭😭😭 ⚾️

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In five words or less....

hit us with the most painful memory of your baseball fandom.

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KC and BUF seem like heavy favorites in the AFC, but the NFC is wide open.

I’d love to see another Brady vs. Mahomes showdown between the current GOAT and future GOAT.

Gimme a #KCvsTB #SBLV with an NFL team winning a SB in their home stadium for the first time in history. πŸ™πŸΌ

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Call it now:

Who plays in #SuperBowlLIV ?

Who wins ?

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My final and honest Super Bowl prediction!!! The Chiefs vs The Buccaneers in Feb .. Final score prediction 44-33 Bucs .... IMHO . #KCvsTB #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #TakingTampaInTampa #SBLIV #Week12Rematch

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@BronxSportsFan @506sports That's what I'm assuming, but look at Los Angeles. #RamsHouse host #TakeFlight (KTTV FOX 11) and KCBS 2 is airing #KCvsTB.

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WWE .Boxing. COM USA
Nov 30
Fifth career 400+ yard passing game for @PatrickMahomes Rocket Likes @ Tweets+ Retweets Click

@Chiefs | #ChiefsKingdom | #KCvsTB
plying to @NFL @PatrickMahomes and @Chiefs

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A reminder to everyone that is aware of the #NFL rules. It's the 3rd and final time that we have the lone late game. It already happened previously in WK6 with MIA/FTL blacking out #GBvsTB and WK12 with DEN blacking out #KCvsTB.

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