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What a spectacular Gala! Thank you to everyone who has supported our Lupus Research 2020 fundraising event and helped us to raise $3.1 Million for lupus research!

You can still watch here:



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I’m so happy for you @LupusResearch 🙏🏻
$3,1 M it’s a good step forward against this disease 🤲🏻
And I thank @LadyGaga & @SelenaGomez for share their stories 🧚🏼‍♀️🤍

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On my way to LSU for my first Rheumatology appointment. Praying for answers and relief! Autoimmune diseases are evil, and I want my life back! #LupusResearchAlliance2020 #MCTD

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#RT @nkf: RT @LupusResearch: To add to the excitement of the night, the @EmpireStateBldg is lighting up the NYC skyline in purple and red in honor of our Lupus Research 2020 Gala and the need for lupus research! #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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Attended my 1st Virtual Gala @LupusResearch Cool event! Text your pledge to 646-759-2572 Donate What You Can #lupusresearchalliance2020 (gaga fans were def doing the utmost in the chat) #joannetour #lupuswarrior #virtualfundraiser #photobooth #texttodonate #curelupus #bookher

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Thank you @LupusResearch for producing a spectacular #LupusResearchAlliance2020 fundraising event. Together, we can #LearnFromLupus

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Message spécial de Selena Gomez à l'événement #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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#VIDEO Lady Gaga envió como parte de su actuación en la #LupusResearchAlliance2020 un vídeo profesional del “Joanne World Tour” interpretando “Joanne”

🎥 :

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[VIDEO] Lady Gaga offre une performance HQ issue du Joanne World Tour lors d’une collecte de fonds pour la recherche contre le Lupus, maladie dont est morte sa tante Joanne #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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#Autoimmune diseases impact millions of people worldwide. Tonight the #LupusResearchAlliance2020 is educating and asking for pledges to help with research and support of those who are living with #Lupus and related disorders. Learn more here:

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@EmpireStateBldg @LupusResearch This is amazing! This year we couldn't be there in person but for 2019 @LupusResearch Gala we were and got to see the Empire state building lit Up! Great memories of groundbreaking fundraising for #Lupusresearch #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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Tonight: November 23,2020 The @EmpireStateBldg Tower Lights are lit in honor of @LupusResearch #LupusResearchAlliance2020 #Lupus

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The Joanne tribute for the @LupusResearch Gala
via @YouTube

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Unpublished version of Joanne sung by @ladygaga for #LupusResearchAlliance2020 💕

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#LupusResearchAlliance2020 tribute to Joanne.

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At 6:00pm tonight, I took my first dose of hydroxychloroquine. I first learned I had #sjogrens while in college at uarts. My ballet teacher sent me to wills eye hospital. I never thought it would effect/affect me like this. #LupusResearchAlliance2020 REAL TWEET

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I love how cheap Gaga is, this performance from the #LupusResearchAlliance2020 gala isn’t even from the Joanne World Tour DVD, it’s just screen footage from one of the New York shows for people who couldn’t see the stage properly #BeKind21 #ChannelKindness

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A statement about Lady Gaga and the song Joanne used at the Lupus Research 2020 Virtual Fundraising Event. #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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THANK YOU to all for your outpouring of support of our LRA Lupus Research 2020 Virtual Fundraising Event! #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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Challenging all Monsters to support @LupusResearch can you donate $19 as a tribute to Joanne?

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Gaga’s performance made me feel really nostalgic and happy that we got to experience the Joanne era and I’m incredibly grateful that Gaga uses her voice do good. She’s really out there making a difference 💜 #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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This tribute was beautiful! I hope people feel more educated about Lupus and find more ways to help develop the progress of the research and testing for a cure!
@LupusResearch @ladygaga
text your pledges to:

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You are amazing my love, thank you for always giving us so much strength and affection in all difficult situations! Your fight will always be our fight, and to all Lupus bearers, may God bless and always take care of them! ❤️😭✨👏🏻 #LupusResearchAlliance2020 #GAGA

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Just dance gonna be okay 💃💕@ladygaga Hi great mother monster! I tried to reproduce a make up, which was already used by you, I hope you like it. I love you, thank you for being my inspiration, and for always being here. 💕 RT/// #AMAs #LupusResearchAlliance2020 #LadyGagaNaGlobo

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#lupusresearchalliance2020 gala
Text 646-759-2572 to donate to #lupus research 💜💜

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#LupusResearchAlliance2020 - thank you #LRA for your continued work with the scientific community and for this wonderful virtual fundraising event to enable Lupus research!
#SYNCOPATEDLADIES were amazing!!!

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Every night during the Joanne World Tour, @Ladygaga would educate thousands of people about Lupus with the story of her late aunt Joanne. #LupusResearchAlliance2020

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Many thanks for bringing our “invisible” disease into the light.

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Lighting up the night in purple & red, to honor @LupusResearch & their “Breaking Through” Virtual Gala.

The Lupus Research Alliance helps fund innovative lupus research, leading to key discoveries that are improving diagnosis & therapies. #ESBright

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