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Allow us to introduce you to Capt Natalia Pinto of the 6th Space Warning Squadron on this installment of #WeAreDEL4.

#BuildtheSpaceForce #SemperSupra @Buckley_AFB

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I love the #USSF

Thank god we dont rely on the opinion of civilians in areas of defense. All these idiots trying to dismantle this are living in the year 1980, where other nations aren't actively establishing military operations in low earth orbit.


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Loved serving alongside the USSF #SemperSupra #UnitedStatesSpaceForce

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Featured this week on the Peterson-Schriever Garrison’s “Faces of Space” campaign is Capt James Paterick, division chief of assessments for Space Delta 2 at Peterson Air Force Base.

#FacesofSpace #BuildtheSpaceForce #SemperSupra

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@sharlenehawkes #SharleneHawkes🇺🇸 #SemperSupra
@AmbassadorRice #Inspire2ServeUS talk

mandatory domestic national service
WH>EO 13961
My Systemic InflectionPT
Using #SSS_gov 17 Bday sign up 4 #CivicEd
Vet asks #Military1Source

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@SpaceForceCSO @SpaceForceDoD @SecAFOfficial @SpaceForceCSO @SecAFOfficial Good Evening! Your doing a "Great" job leading the #Guardian and #Airmen of the @SpaceForceDoD Keep up the good work and prayers for a fun, safe, and successful weekend of training and missions...God Bless!
👍🤓✌️ #SemperSupra🇺🇸🚀🛰

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Today we celebrated @SecAFOfficial’s remarkable tenure. Her leadership set the foundation for @SpaceForceDoD, ensuring the Nation could compete, deter & win in Space. She has held every #Guardian & #Airman in the highest regard...always above. #SemperSupra, Madame Secretary!

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Strength in partnerships -- @US_SpaceCom senior leaders recently visited Space Delta 4, where they observed various operational missions across the installation and their capabilities.

#StrengthinPartnerships #BuildtheSpaceForce #SemperSupra #PartnersinSpace

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As SecAF25, I have benefitted from the talents of an inimitable team. Thank you Assistant Secretaries Thomas Ayres, John Henderson, Shon Monasco, Will Roper, & John Roth for all you have done for the Air & Space Forces! #FlyFightWin #SemperSupra

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A huge congratulations to senior SpOC leaders Col Devin Pepper, Col James Smith, and Col Todd Moore on your nominations for Brigadier General! We appreciate your continued leadership and #SemperSupra!

#BuildtheSpaceForce #USSF @SpaceForceDoD

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1010 Wins.
Crown Royal Flush

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Want to find out what the space professionals at the Space Missile Systems Center are working on? The latest issue of MilSatMagazine has articles on #SCINET, a new software solution, and the first International Space Pitch Day #SemperSupra #SpaceStartsHere

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Alabama declared new home of Space Command HQ

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I'd like to hitch a ride and see for myself 👩‍🚀🌑 #SemperSupra

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Great work @SenShelby @DougJones @GovernorKayIvey
@TommyBattle and the Alabama team for your efforts to bring @US_SpaceCom to Redstone Arsenal! #ThinkOutsideTheAtmosphere #TheSkyIsNotTheLimit #SemperSupra #WelcomeToHuntsville

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Thank you to all @USAirForce #Airmen & @SpaceForceDoD #Guardians for safeguarding our Nation and the principles that define the American way of life. #AimHigh #SemperSupra

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Statement on Alabama as new home to U.S. Space Command

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I extend a special thank you to @SenShelby, @SenDougJones & local leaders for advocating for @US_SpaceCom on behalf of AL. We appreciate their effort in telling our great story & highlighting the many attributes that make Redstone the best choice. @TommyBattle @RepMikeRogersAL

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Space Force #career: Space Systems Operations. Operating the largest space program in the world takes skill, and it’s up to these experts to keep the @SpaceForceDoD in orbit.

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This was the first launch in the New Year and it was also Brig Gen Purdy’s first launch as the new commander of the 45th Space Wing. Congratulations on a successful first launch, Sir!

#BuildtheSpaceForce #SemperSupra #Launch #Satellite #45thSpaceWing #DigitalSpace

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#ICYMI, we had our first launch of the New Year!
Our Guardians from the @45thSpaceWing provided great support! #SemperSupra #PartnersinSpace

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この歴史的なイベントについて@DNI_Ratcliffe@SpaceForceCSOから詳細を読む:https://t.co/weOP81bRB3 #SemperSupra #TeamSpace

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宇宙軍の諜報要素を米国諜報コミュニティの一部として指定する式典が1月8日に開催されました。USSFはその18番目のメンバーです。 この歴史的なイベントについては、@ DNI_Ratcliffeと@SpaceForceCSOから詳細をご覧ください:https://bit.ly/3qayNeo #SemperSupra #TeamSpace

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#ICYMI - USSF Delta 4’s commander, Col Richard Bourquin, recently transferred into the @SpaceForceDoD. Congratulations, sir!
#SemperSupra #BuildtheSpaceForce

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@SpaceForceDoD @DNI_Ratcliffe @SpaceForceCSO Would love to get some official Space Force Merchandise, can you guide me in the right direction? Keep up the amazing work you do 💫 #SemperSupra

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A ceremony designating the intelligence element of the Space Force as part of the U.S. Intelligence Community was held Jan. 8. USSF is its18th member.

Read more from @DNI_Ratcliffe and @SpaceForceCSO about this historic event: #SemperSupra #TeamSpace

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‘There is no I in TEAM’ is true in the space domain too.
#BuildtheSpaceForce #SemperSupra #PartnersInSpace

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Watch this Video to learn why the U.S. needs the U.S. Space Force. #SemperSupra #SpaceForceDOD #HBDSpaceForce #USSF #Guardians #Airmen #FlyFightWin #NASA #DARPA


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Biden administration needs to get on team Star Wars from day 1.

#SpaceForce #SemperSupra

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@Tomekb75672987 @medard @POTUS POTUS jest w drodze do bezpiecznej lokalizacji.
Shane Smedley
Air Force Space Command Veteran, Father, Brother, Dude trying to abide. Speaker of Truth. Author and Filmmaker

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BREAKING: The Insurrection Act has been signed.
The Flag at White House has been lowered.
POTUS is in route to secure location.

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Tweet from United States Space Force (@SpaceForceDoD) United States Space Force (@SpaceForceDoD) Tweeted:

#SemperSupra #TeamSpace is #EffectiveSpace!

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Dr. Reynolds: “Engineers take all the cool stuff and make it work. I am honored to work with a great AFRL government and contractor team. I thank them for carrying the heavy load.”
#SemperSupra #TeamSpace is #EffectiveSpace!

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The sky is not the limit! #SemperSupra

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Now is the time for a military branch with a clear and singular focus on space.
Space Force protects this frontier.
The Sky is not the limit.

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