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@IamTrevorMay Shoot .....I'd trust your arm over Captain Kirk #Skol

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Proud that my @vikings are not on this list #Skol

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@jdesartk I'm starting to realize how lucky you viking fans are, never having to deal with gut punch losses like that... because your team does the losing in the regular season! #skol 😎

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When you get a free play and CJ Ham is open in the flat for a 2 yard gain #Skol

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#ABEV3 #AbInbev #InBev #Cerveja #Skol #Antarctica #Brahma #StellaArtois #Becks #Fibonaccing

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Historic season by the one and only JJetts!!!🏃🏾‍♂️💨 #SKOL #Vikings 💜💛 @JJettas2 I need me a jersey bruh🥵💯

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.@dalvincook was hoping to find some Chef Cook gear in stock, go-to dalvincook .com and this pops up? WTH? @Vikings help a brother out! #SKOL #skolechat

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.@RandyMoss there’s a reason why you’re the goat. You think @JerryRice could pull this off? #nochance #mut #HoF #goat #skol #madden21

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Okay... maybe 2020 wasn’t so bad.

We won the Diggs trade (so did Buffalo) AND we won this trade?

What the fuck? This never happens to us.

#Skol #RaisedByWolves

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This is a take I can get behind! #Skol

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@joearrigo Those are Tears from the Frozen Tundra that just reached Vegas #SKOL

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@Yeh03143070 @Vikings @JJettas2 Ur the best bro u got this if u don't win just know all the others are scared of what jjettas2 can do .. #skol

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Just a thought: If Diggs had been traded to New England, Tom Brady possibly would’ve stayed put and then would not take Tampa Bay to the NFC Championship game to defeat GB... So in a way we could be responsible for knocking GB out of the Super Bowl 🤔 #skol

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Let’s Welcome Jonathan Owens To The Skol Nation #skol

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@EunLinda I’m a dick! Here’s a pic! 🍺🤗 beer hugs - sounds like you could use one!! #Skol!

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Check out 2018 PRIZM FOOTBALL DALVIN COOK ORANGE PRIZM PARALLEL DIE-CUT #113/249 (VIKINGS) via @eBay #Vikings #MinnesotaVikings #SKOL #TheChef

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Good Night Everyone 😴💤 FlattsNation #SKOL            #RaisedByWolves                 Let’s Go Lynx #MNTwins       #MNUFC              #mnwild                  #SkiUMah

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Never beaten the Vikings tho #skol

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Toma uma gelada!
❤️ + 🔁= HUMILDE


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@LeeannChin @GateTraveler Ready to enjoy some good food?!? #SKOL

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Randy Moss signed speed flex helmet w straight cash homie inscription for sale!

Dm if interested


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The results of tonight’s @Climb_ThePocket Network’s & @DailyNorseman’s live Mock Draft Mondays where @TheRealForno & I addressed team needs. What do you think? How’d we do for you #Vikings? #SKOL!

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According to @BruceFeldmanCFB, the LSU Tigers will, in fact, be hiring #Vikings defensive backs coach Daronte Jones to be their new defensive coordinator. #NFL #Skol

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One of the best to ever do it #Skol

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Good night for MGM Basketball. JV girls picked up a win over Bryant 41-12. JV boys got back in the win column with a 53-32 win over BC Rain. Varsity boys extended their win streak to 10 games with a 63-53 win over BC Rain. Standouts coming in the thread. #skol @MGMAthletics

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It’s the big game, so let’s go big… and the 77-inch class LG OLED TV from @Bestbuy is pretty big! Every angle in the house is a good angle with such a detailed picture quality. #ad 

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Having Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams and then drafting @ajdillon7 doesn’t help Aaron either. So this team is doing what happened to @TomBrady in New England. @AaronRodgers12 will leave the Packers and win a Super Bowl somewhere else. #SKOL

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@mattjames919 looking like a die hard @Vikings fan in this outfit 💜💛

#SKOL #TheBachelor

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I’d much rather have @JJettas2 over devonta smith. Great talent but that’s our receiver. He deserves the ROY award no doubt. #SKOL

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.@captdope—you recently did a Cameo 12th bday video for my son Dave. You’ll remember—he’s a huge @Vikings fan. You made his day so special! When #Covid_19 is over, maybe you can be our guest at a game In Minnesota #SKOL. We’re loving the new @NBCSuperstore season. Stay safe & TY!

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Not the Vikings #SKOL

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📍 Canton, Ohio.


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.@JaredAllen69 and his calf-roping sack celebration belong in the Hall of Fame. #Skol

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One final chance❗

RT to vote @JJettas2 for #PepsiROY

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TB12 has broken a lot of hearts 💔

@TomBrady has now defeated 19 different NFL franchises in the playoffs.

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