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Whether you believe #VaccinesWork or skeptical of MSM enthusiasm for an industry that provides 75% of their ad revenue & history of lying to the public it's important to understand the Enron accounting formula for "success" vs. none w >1% mortality risk.

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@jm29810861 @Hypn0__ @DrChrisNorthrup Yes people should be vaccinated,
to suppress this virus & save lives. We’ve forgotten the horrors of smallpox, TB, polio etc - we got complacent & selfish, expecting others to build herd immunity for our “freedom”. It’s called Social Responsibility. #WearAMask #VaccinesWork

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We’re proud to be working with @IOMSouthSudan to improve immunisation coverage for migrants and give vulnerable children “a good start.” Read more: #VaccinesWork #HealthforAll

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We produce the infectious disease weekly report for Ireland - the latest report is available on the HPSC website now #thisispublichealth #vaccineswork #infectiousdiseases

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@JoeBidenTweeted @ammacq #VaccinesWork‼️antivaxxers... the world doesn’t have time for your antics! get vaccinated ffs😤

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Nurse Jennifer Hedrick encourages parents to vaccinate their children because not everyone can get vaccinated. She says vaccination helps protects not only your child, but the health of your entire community. #GiveYourKidsAShot #VaccinesWork #ivax2protect

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@nprfreshair @PeterHotez Excellent interview; always enjoy hearing from a vaccine diplomat.

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Have you subscribed to HPV Roundtable TV? It’s a source of educational videos and ways to spread the word about HPV vaccination: #vaccineswork #vaccination #HPVvaccine #2Shots2StopCancer

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TIP Scientific Advisory Council member @PeterHotez on NPR Fresh Air talking about status of #COVID19 #pandemic and #vaccine advocacy. #Covid19Vaccine #immunizeusa #VaxTexas #vaccines #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives

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But of course - a new conspiracy theory is born every five minutes. Thank you @ENirenberg for this piece. #VaccinesWork #vaccines #mRNA #DNA #COVID #misinformation #science

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No te pierdas la entrevista con nuestro director @frgimsan en @lavozdealmeria

"Eso de vacunar del #coronavirus en enero lo veo muy, muy difícil”


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Another reason to get #MMR #measles #mumps #rubella #vaccine. Study suggests it offers some protection against #COVID19, which may explain why kids have lower infection/death rates than adults. #immunizeUSA #VaxTexas #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives

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DYK that several antibiotic-resistant health threats are vaccine-preventable? 💉 #AntibioticsAwarenessWeek

The VoICE Compendium includes a whole section of evidence about how #VaccinesWork to #StopDrugResistance.

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🇭🇺Hungary, addressing the Life-Course Immunization approach in the National vaccination policy: in this article the main findings of the focus group!
#VaccinAction #VaccinesWork

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Children in an iron lung before the advent of the polio vaccination in 1937 😞 Many children lived for months in these machines, though not all survived #VaccinesWork #vaccines #wednesdaythought @IrmaRaste @eViRaHealth

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Digger 1.9.0 is out!!! It congratulates the hard work of researchers on creating working vaccines that will end this #pandemic. It features the possibility of documenting #sensitive columns in the #database, helping with recent privacy laws. #VaccinesWork

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.@alzassociation conference provides another reason to get the flu shot. It may lower the risk of Alzheimer's and other dementias:
@TheBuffaloNews @WNYAlz @NIH @AmerMedicalAssn @alzassociation @alzfdn #FluShot #Alzheimers #VaccinesWork

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Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine is 90% Effective in Early Results.

What are your thoughts about this?

Full article:

#vaccine #covid #elderly #elderlyrisk #covidvaccine #vaccineswork #vaccinefree

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Researchers found the BCG vaccine used to prevent TB also protects against sepsis and other infections. @TheScientistLLC looks at how some vaccines offer unexpected, wider protections: #VaccinesWork

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Want to hear about the cVLP COVID-19 vaccine project? Now LIVE at with speakers from @UCPH_health @BavarianNordic and @LMSTSenderovitz @synapse_connect #COVID19 #VaccinesWork #ProteinsForLife

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World: vaccinations have never mattered more than *right now*.

Rishi Sunak: Let's cut funding for global vaccinations.


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#COVID19 #OxfordVaccine 3-month follow up. Another round of bloods and more swab tests to take home to see me to my 6 month appointment. Still none the wiser on whether I’m in the control or test group. #VaccinesWork

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A community 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 session was held in Quetta to raise immunisation awareness ahead of the nationwide vaccination campaign.
Timely and frequent vaccination against polio is essential to ensure good health and a #poliofree 🇵🇰 for every child 👶


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#Covid #Vaccine #Coronavirus #Vaccination
#VaccinesWork - except for when they don't.

Doctors say #CDC should warn people the side effects from #CovidVaccine shots won't be 'a walk in the park'.

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African countries need more support to contain #COVID19 and raise projects/collaborations linked to #HealthForAll and #ScienceForDevelopment. #Cuba is always ready with its health and scientific resources. #Vaccineswork @FinlayInstituto @BioCubaFarma @CubayEtiopia @CubaMINREX

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“The development of these vaccines has not been dangerously rushed. No risks or shortcuts...I would have either."

We really recommend reading this piece by Brendan Wren, particularly if hesitant about taking a #COVID19 vaccine.

👉 @PHE_uk #VaccinesWork

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Another tweet on this thread of positive developments under the EU vacccines strategy

Look forward to scientific evaluations of the data so we can focus on the light that's appearing at the end of the tunnel


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An alle EU-Skeptiker. An diesem Beispiel lässt sich der Mehrwert der EU verdeutlichen. Das hätten nationale Alleingänge sicher nicht zum gleichen Preis zustande gebracht. #VaccinesWork

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Let's all do our best2stop #COVID spread until a #vaccine roll out is complete& #VaccinesWork . It may be not so much longer of #HandsFaceSpace #MaskUp plus extra care at #Xmas if you adopt #UKGovernment's 5 days of extra freedoms which cld easily bring on a #ThirdWave.

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Im Zuge der EU-Impfstoffstrategie 🇪🇺 hat die @EU_Commission heute einen sechsten Vertrag mit einem Unternehmen – Moderna – genehmigt. Präsidentin @vonderleyen: Auf diese Weise bauen wir eines der umfassendsten COVID-19-Impfstoffportfolios weltweit auf. 👇

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#VaccinesWork and they can be our most essential partners against global health threats such as cancers, #AMR and infectious diseases. Learn about how we can unlock the potential of vaccines:

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Seguro que habéis escuchado eso de que las vacunas 💉 para el coronavirus 🦠 no van a ser seguras porque han tardado muy poco en hacerlas y, claro, no pueden serlo. Veamos que tiene que decir la responsable de la seguridad de los medicamentos a nivel europeo 🇪🇺 #hilo 🧵

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Just to once again prove how stupid people are... they’re going to stand in line for a vaccine that might help 90% ... when they could go on with their lives and have a 99.97% chance ? #VaccinesWork #vaccinestimulus

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So question 💉 or no 💉?
That is the true question?
#VaccinesWork #NoVaccine

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We've approved a 6⃣th contract under the EU Vaccines Strategy w/ pharmaceutical company Moderna

The contract provides for an initial purchase of 80 million doses once proven to be safe & effective

More here:

#StrongerTogether #HealthUnion

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De beste vaccinatiecampagne OOIT. (Via @DoenjaHertog)

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Had a very productive meeting with representatives of @_AfricanUnion Ambassadors in Geneva on progress to contain #COVID19 in Africa & the promotion of health on other fronts. I am grateful for the solidarity shown by all countries. @WHO stands with you. We are #InThisTogether!

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I really, really, hope this ends it.

No, Really, mRNA Vaccines Are Not Going To Affect Your DNA — Deplatform Disease

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A coronavirus vaccine developed in the UK can prevent up to 90 per cent of people from getting Covid-19, according to new data

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
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