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2022: #GASEN: Tilt Democrat #Gapol

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According to Media Matters, Facebook posts from 2018 appear to show QAnon believer Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) agreeing with debunked conspiracy theories about deadly mass school shootings.

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@funder @RepMTG @JoeBiden @mmfa Every #SandyHook and #Parkland parent need to send her a picture of the child they lost. She does not deserve her office #Georgia #gapol #gasen

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#LISTEN: Yesterday, Senator @ossoff spoke with @themariaboynton of @V103Atlanta/@WAOK about President @JoeBiden’s inauguration, his own historic swearing in, and his priorities to deliver for Georgians. #GAPol #GASen

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Marjorie Taylor Greene completely flames out over Sandy Hook

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#gasen #galeg #gapol #gapolitics georgia #atlanta #GA Atlanta, GA Macon, GA @UniteBlueGA @UniteWomenGA @IndivisibleGA11 @IndivisibleGA06 @IndivisibleGA5 @IndivisibleGA04 @FoCoGADems @GeorgiaDemocrat @redclaydems @GASenateDems @GAHouseDems #gadems #TheResistance #Indivisible

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Fact check: 11 false claims Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has tweeted in the last month

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Ossoff sworn in on Hebrew Bible from synagogue bombed by white supremacists in the 1950s

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Explore how we arrived at (razor-thin) #Democratic control of the U.S. #Senate, including 3 new Senators this week.
#GASen #GApol

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Interested in implications of the #GASen runoffs? This #AvalereInsight breaks down key considerations:

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Playing both sides, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has IN REALITY acknowledged to political donors that Trump and some Republicans have *seriously* damaged the GOP’s relationship with #BigBusiness #BigBanks #BigTech. #GApol #GAsen #MitchMcConnell #CrimeBoss #oligarchs

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In a newly uncovered 2018 FB post, Marjorie Taylor Greene endorsed the conspiracy theories that 9/11 was an inside job and that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged. She also (again) endorsed the conspiracy theory that the Parkland shooting was staged.

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Biden, Democrats already violating two specific campaign promises that helped them win the #GASen runoffs: 1) $2K #CovidRelief checks, 2) Checks will be "out the door" immediately, by @KrystalBall 📺 They can't blame Mitch any more! #noexcuses #pandemic

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Still got the post- #Inauguration glow?

Keep the Senate blue in 2022:

#NHSen @Maggie_Hassan

#NVSen @CatherineForNV

#AZSen @CaptMarkKelly

#GASen @ReverendWarnock


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Senator Warnock will carry a difficult and storied history with him every day. #GASen #NeighborhoodFORWARD

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Some GREAT new #GASen data in today's Morning Digest

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Morning Digest: How Ossoff and Warnock ran up the score to turn Georgia blue and flip the Senate #GASEN

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It's amazing bc Biden's campaign bet - scale down big events bc covid makes them dangerous - paid off. Ds repeated it in #GAsen.

Seamless transition from "the Biden victory street parties are hypocritical" to "why didn't Biden want crowds on Jan 20."

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@daveweigel @UrbanAchievr The redstate commenters have been saying this crap for months: Trump got thousands (or tens or hundreds of thousands) to come to his rallies while Biden couldn't get more than a dozen to come to his so of course Trump really won.

Some seem to really believe it too.

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Loeffler's big contribution to the Senate during the insurrectionist siege: her staffer had a lightning cable for iphones. #gapol #gasen #byekelly

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Final episode of “Off the Rails” .. this one takes you inside the West Wing & Capitol as mob stormed the building .. Senators in secure room watch CNN while Tapper excoriates Cruz/Hawley.. plus Team Trump’s behind scenes wrangling w Twitter & Facebook..

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I still can’t get over the fact that @ReverendWarnock is a new Senator from the state of Georgia. He was a pastor from the same church that was also led by MLK. #GAsen

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Guess it's now time for my ~personal news~

I'm beyond honored and thrilled to join Senator @ossoff's office as Press Secretary.

Cannot wait to work hard every single day to serve my home state and to deliver Health, Jobs and Justice for the people! #GAPol #GASen

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#GASen polling was super accurate by @NateSilver538 h/t @jeffhauser

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Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff. #ossoff #gasen #Inauguration

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💙💕💙💕 Amazing woman!
Stacey Abrams Quote I Am Determined White Ceramic Coffee Mug for Political Organizers
#staceyabrams #flipthesenate #gapol #gasen #coffeemugs

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Thank you to the ⁦@NationalGuard⁩ for protecting the peaceful transfer of power today.

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It’s so nice to have senators that I know are working for us and not figuring out what stock trades need to happen tomorrow in order to enrich them personally. 🍑❤️ #gapol #Ossoff #Warnock #gasen

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New U.S. Senators today include:
-Alex Padilla, 1st Latino senator from California.
-Rafael Warnock, Georgia’s 1st Black senator.
-Jon Ossoff, Georgia's first Jewish senator and, at age 33, the Senate’s first member from the millennial generation.

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Ossoff, Warnock take first votes as U.S. senators, confirm Biden pick for national intelligence

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Do you have a Senator Reverend? He's multitasking instantly. #gasen

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Georgia now has two Democratic U.S. Senators, after Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were sworn in Wednesday afternoon by Vice President Kamala Harris. #gapol #gasen

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#JewishHistory & #GASen compelling history thread

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#NEW: U.S. Sen. @ReverendWarnock says his swearing-in as Georgia's first Black senator by the first Black, female Vice President is "a testament to the promise of our democracy and the covenant we share with one another as American." Full statement here: #gapol #gasen

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The culmination of a very long campaign cycle. #gapol #gasen

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Ding dong the Mitch is de(mot)ed #ByeMitch #GASen

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I finally won't feel like crap when I have to "call my Senator to speak out against X". 🍑 #GASen

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You can find all our data, as well as a whole lot more about the #GASEN races, in our post here

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It has happened: @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff are Georgia's two U.S. Senators. #gapol #gasen #TheAtlantaVoice

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Georgia is on my mind. 🍑 congrats to our new senators @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock i will be here holding you guys accountable. #Georgia #gasen #GeorgiaIsOnMyMind #JonOssoff #RevWarnock #InaugurationDay  #Inauguration  #Inauguration2021

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Ossoff was less than two months old when Turkey applied to join the EU. #gasen

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@ReverendWarnock @ossoff We were proud to have supported both @ReverendWarnock & @ossoff in their races. Learn more about our work in the #GASen runoffs here:

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Black and South Asian VP swears in Latino, Black, and Jewish Senators to take the U.S. Senate majority.

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@Ossoff will be sworn in using a book of Hebrew scripture once owned by Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, who led Atlanta’s historic synagogue The Temple...”
The rabbi was a key MLK ally who encouraged ATL’s Jewish community to fight for civil rights and oppose hate & intolerance. #gasen

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Final results in Georgia are Warnock +2.1 and Ossoff +1.2.

By comparison, final polling averages were Warnock +2.1 and Ossoff +1.8.

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