“I am aware this was a huge win for us in many ways…I think we knew that this win…was going to be bigger than soccer,” US Women’s National Team co-captain Megan Rapinoe tells @andersoncooper, nodding to her feud with Pres. Trump, and her and her teammates’ fight for equal pay.

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@EmilyEldridge77 @AC360 @andersoncooper Great interviewee...Megan is very articulate and clear in her message.

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@LaraM_NYC @AC360 @andersoncooper Yeah, for equal work. They should definately get the same as the men, plus of course winnining bonuses which the men wouldnt get. But u gotta draw the line at tennis until the women play the best of 5.

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 1 year ago

@gordon44136375 @AC360 @andersoncooper No, the men generate $6 billion a year, the women generate $131 million a year.

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@AC360 @andersoncooper Love these two. 🇬🇧

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@AC360 @andersoncooper Equal pay!

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@AC360 @andersoncooper Great interview, Anderson.

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Vamos Packers!! #GoPackGo 💚💛

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Defense 👏👏


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See you all on the other side #GoPackGo

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It is nice to hear real, authentic crowd noise again. #GoPackGo

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