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You said "what punishment of gods are not gifts. Do you really believe that?" @andersoncooper, choking back tears, asks Stephen Colbert, as they discuss grief.

"Yes," replies the comedian. "It's a gift to exist and with existence comes suffering. There's no escaping that."

one of my favorite excerpts from my interview with @StephenAtHome. This question he embraces left me stunned when i first read it, and i can’t stop thinking about his answer. It has helped me, and i hope it helps others.

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 1 year ago

@Rough_rey @andersoncooper @StephenAtHome Colbert is my celebrity crush.

Double date?

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@elysia1 @andersoncooper @StephenAtHome Sending a hug from Syracuse.

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@andersoncooper @StephenAtHome His pain hugs your pain.

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 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @StephenAtHome Great interview.

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@andersoncooper @StephenAtHome We’re a family wracked with grief - we’ve been talking about it all night. Thank you both. ❤️

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 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @StephenAtHome Great interview, Anderson. I learned so much about both of you, and admire you both even more than I did before.

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@andersoncooper @StephenAtHome Incredible interview! Authentic and intelligent are two words to describe you both.

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 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @StephenAtHome Mr. Cooper and Mr. Colbert, I love both of you, Mr. Cooper is my celebrity crush, and I hope I get the chance to meet you both one day

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Also this
Idk what the plan was though- get them home and smack em with a wet noodle? @CawthornforNC #StolenValor

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My last trip to the USNA. Pretty sure I spent more time at this great institution than the #StolenValor @RepCawthorn @CawthornforNC who lied about attending and implying he graduated from here. #JackRyan you are not.

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@GayIronAvenger @Theresaamato2 @DNC @SenBlumenthal @USNavy Right.

You don’t have a CLEAR understanding of what #StolenValor means. Your lack of understanding is why your outrage is so PHONY!😏

#StolenValor #Vets

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@CawthornforNC Another liar.

How do lying Republicans get elected?

Do their supporters believe a liar will look after their interests? #Delusional


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While we’re shitting on @CawthornforNC don’t forget he sued his friend’s insurance for 30million when they offered to pay off his medical debt #StolenValor

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@TalkinKnowledge @CawthornforNC @DNC @SenBlumenthal @USNavy Here's the thing: you can pick valor or you can pick whataboutism & so far, you've proven that whataboutism outweighs your commitment to valor & integrity. You can't have both.
#stolenValor #SeditionHasConsequences #GOPComplicitTraitors

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