Thank you to all who have followed along today. If you’re interested in hearing more of these stories, you can find The Only Plane in the Sky here:

Thank you to all who have followed along today. If you’re interested in hearing more of these stories, you can find The Only Plane in the Sky here:

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@vermontgmg Your Funny Feature.TRUMP. Dim Bulb supports Dim Bulbs .Who would have thunk it.😆👌👍😎

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@vermontgmg I just pre-ordered a copy. Thank you and thanks to all who shared their stories

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@vermontgmg Garrett are a portion of these proceeds shared with anyone like the 9/11 survivors fund or memorial, etc?

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Most importantly, thank you to the nearly 500 voices who lent their stories to The Only Plane in the Sky and to those who shared their stories with us throughout this day.

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Chuck Cake, firefighter and EMT, Arlington County Fire Department: The fire was still burning on the Pentagon roof—you could see it glowing—it was decided to suspend operations until morning, and then try again.

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Rick Schoenlank, president, Sandy Hook Pilots: We walked through the dust—like six inches of dust—that was covering everything. There were bulldozers slapping chains on the wrecks of firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, just dragging them down the street.

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Lt. Michael Day, @USCG: I walked into Ground Zero and I could remember there were body parts everywhere. I remember thinking, 'This is a war.' .... All the power was out around the area, & a lot of other buildings were on fire, and there was this eerie gray like snow everywhere.

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Keith Custer, firefighter, Shanksville Volunteer Fire Company: Later on that night in Shanksville, we got called back for numerous brush fires. You couldn’t put the fire out because the ground was so saturated with jet fuel.

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John Napolitano, father of @FDNY firefighter: It was late, and the kids wouldn’t go to sleep because my son, whenever he worked nights, he would always call and talk to them, and tell them a story over the phone.... They weren’t going to bed because their father didn’t call.

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David Addington, counsel to the Vice President: The headquarters of the U.S. military was still smoking, and we were flying over on our way to hide the vice president. My God, we’re evacuating the vice president from Washington, D.C., because we’ve been attacked.

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VP Dick Cheney: As we lifted off and headed up the Potomac, you could look out and see the Pentagon, see that black hole where it'd been hit. A lot of lights on the building, smoke rising from the Pentagon. It helped bring home the impact of what had happened.

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Deena Burnett, wife of Tom Burnett, passenger, United Flight 93: I spent the evening just crying and being with friends, having neighbors come in and out, and having family call me on my cell phone to offer their condolences.

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President Bush speaking from the Oval Office: America has stood down enemies before, and we will do so this time. None of us will ever forget this day, yet we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world.

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Brian Pearl, Greenpoint, Brooklyn: That night, a bunch of our friends got together at Enid’s, a popular bar in the neighborhood. It felt good to be amongst friends if for no other reason than to remind me that I wasn’t the only person who had no idea what to think, feel or do.

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