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 7 months ago

They re - opening the country because they losing money ... not because it’s safe outside .

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 7 months ago

@Chana9MUFC @torylanez It's rough right now but where I live it's pretty safe but we are all still taking the precaution like wearing our mask in side of stores

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 7 months ago

@torylanez I love the fact that you are a woke rapper!

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 7 months ago

@torylanez I’m still in the gym, idgaf I need state records, other pple just doing it for fitness stop, but if you competitive do you

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 7 months ago

@torylanez Facts on Facts

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 7 months ago

@torylanez You stay safe tho king and drop Fire music 🕺🏻🔥

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 7 months ago

@torylanez my dms are reopening if you wanna work ☺️

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 7 months ago

@torylanez Thanks tory

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 7 months ago

@torylanez Couldn’t have said it better!

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Shout out to all of our fans who came out. #WeWantMore

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Hey Browns, if you win today I'll go buy a Mayfield jersey. You are now the temporary team of many fanbases who didn't make the playoffs.


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No matter what happens today, the Browns had a longer season than the Steelers AND the Ravens #WeWantMore

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I can’t help but think Aaron Rodgers knows he will be facing the Browns in the SB after last night’s interview. Sounds like he’s calling us out.

#Browns #WeWantMore

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