I recently interviewed #SirDavidAttenborough about his new ⁦@netflix⁩ film and book. He is 94 now and raising the alarm about climate change. The interview is on ⁦@60Minutes⁩ tonight.

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@DillVicky @andersoncooper @netflix @60Minutes Plant chestnut trees! And build soil using earthworms and mulch. Lock up that carbon.
Chestnuts come in sweet, floury, & nutty varieties, they grow quickly and feed you and your animals (wild or tame) while they grow.

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@robin0123 Profile picture Robin


 3 months ago

@beautif20357675 @andersoncooper @CBSNews @netflix @60Minutes You sound very intelligent! At least your *33* followers might think so. #MiddleSchoolerTweet

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@andersoncooper @netflix @60Minutes I love Sir Attenborough!

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@Robert6Cedric Profile picture Cedric Robert


 3 months ago

@andersoncooper @netflix @60Minutes This does sound interesting. Your interviews are always so insightful @andersoncooper.

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@rmwkenpo Profile picture Bob Wheeler


 3 months ago

@andersoncooper @netflix @60Minutes Attenborough’s narratives on climate are iconic. A must view and follow through more importantly!

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@DillVicky Profile picture Vicky Dill


 3 months ago

@andersoncooper @netflix @60Minutes Hope expeditious solutions are included. We are already alarmed and in angst. I have an electric car and will be putting solar on my new roof. I am vegetarian. I still want to do more. What first?

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@tkooistra56 Profile picture Tina K


 3 months ago

@andersoncooper @netflix @60Minutes #SirDavidAttenborough is a Global Treasure!!! Looking forward to watching!!!

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@Ghost_7 Profile picture Ghost 🍀


 3 months ago

@andersoncooper @netflix @60Minutes Looking forward to watching!

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@DennisB31292555 Profile picture Dennis Barr


 3 months ago
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