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 2 months ago

Today we're sharing an update to @instagram DMs that will bring the best of @Messenger to the app. You'll soon be able to communicate across apps with features like watch together, selfie stickers, vanish mode, emoji reactions and more.

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 2 months ago

@RohitKu70403025 @Facebook @instagram @messenger Also my 9 years old fb account disabled

From last 2 months for no reason.
No response from fb team
To many time m mailing there mail address.
I think
Fb help and support is bullshit

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@jamesbowlesuk Profile picture JB


 2 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger Been messaging and emailing loads as my account is still suspending pending review of my supplied information. Its been 5 weeks now and counting. When will this get resolved? Why can't you provide any answers or updates??

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@ijuliank Profile picture iJulian 🏎


 2 months ago

@DipakParmar65 @Facebook @instagram @messenger lower privacy

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 2 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger And we need this why? I now have messages coming in via work & personal emails, text messages on personal & work mobiles, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram. Messages I've already seen & dealt with are now repeated on Messenger. I'd like to turn the whole lot off!

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@RohitKu70403025 Profile picture Rohit Kumar


 2 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger @Facebook you keep on adding new features but you won’t be able to add new users if you don’t bother to address the issue of 10years old users. My account has been disabled for more than 6 weeks now and there has been no response yet from your side

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@Facebook @instagram @messenger Whooo! New Integrations. 🤩

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@aryamaaan Profile picture aryaman


 2 months ago

@Facebook @instagram @messenger which countries??

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Cheering it on.

This is the bed you made

Fucking lay in it. #StopTheLeftPurge

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When will people figure out its not about left or right its about the elite establishment politicians and CEOs against the people who want to speak the truth #StopTheLeftPurge

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#StopTheLeftPurge I am aganist any censorship
But I will fight aganist alone rather than helping those who said "I am alone" :)

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What goes around, comes around. Enjoy the new rules. #StopTheLeftPurge

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#StopTheLeftPurge is just rightists gesturing vaguely at absolutely nothing. I haven't seen one tweet talking about why the hashtag actually came about, just people saying "what about alex jones" and "shoes on the other foot now haha"

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We still up and active for clients that want to flip.kindly DM to stay happy and blessed this December 😊 #IWearAMaskBecause #GoBucks #StopTheLeftPurge

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I'm confused I thought republicans were pro private business & despise government control over private business? Now they want to control private business because they have a bottom line & allowing lies & bigotry to exist on there platforms isn't one of them. #StopTheLeftPurge

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