Since today is game 1 of the @MLB World Series, I would like to offer my skills to the @Dodgers and the @RaysBaseball in case they need an extra pitcher.

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 2 months ago

@liztoon13 @carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball she untagged 50 cent I think

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 2 months ago

@carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball carly what did you mess up on the old tweet ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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@carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball Queen

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@carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball so you're saying... Call Me Maybe

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@carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball queen of rejecting American patriarchal pastimes

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@carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball de novo vรฉi

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 2 months ago

@carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball an iconic moment in history

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@carlyraejepsen @MLB @Dodgers @RaysBaseball Queen of deleting and re tweeting

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Seeing #ByeFelicia trending always make me think of @VIPsethi and that Plano squad.

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THREAD - What were YOUR Trump predictions in 2016 #ByeFelicia

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@LindaGreen77 @FLOTUS Speak for yourself. We "all" most definitely did NOT love them, or her, for that matter. Good riddance. #ByeFelicia

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Promotion Time!
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Once Trump is #ByeFelicia and Biden/QueenHarris is in and Warnock & Ossoff are seated.....the focus needs to be full on about policy. John Lewis Voting & George Floyd Act needs to be passed. COVID needs to be aggressively dealt with. As well as seditionists. Etc.

It's work time.

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