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 1 month ago

“It’s wonderful seeing the unique personality of each one of us emerge through the House’s creations.” — Marine Vacth in the new campaign for the CHANEL 19 bag. Film co-directed by Roman & Sofia Coppola.
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@CHANEL Leather and fur should remain a thing of the past. This type of industry associated with is absolutely disgusting. Nowadays there are the best quality man made replacements. For me, I know, this kind of items have lost their glam.

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 2 weeks ago

@CHANEL Love Chanel, and I love this song! 💕💕💕 #Memories

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@CHANEL ♥️😍😍😍

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 1 month ago

@CHANEL Listen to my new favorite music release. Good vibes and energy for u

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 1 month ago

@CHANEL Are you going to make clothes for men like KL did sometimes? Hope to get an answer. Thnx

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#ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor: Being the first one-term president since 1992.

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Putting the United States first for the first time in decades while the establishment and msm wants us sold.


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Trump Jacks Off Ghosts MAGA Election Dance Campaign Reaction Tik Tok Cha... via @YouTube #ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor I guess thanks for jacking off ghosts

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#ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor Showing what houses to avoid when I dont wanna get a virus and/or shot

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