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Quoted @theyngeI

@halsey how did she even get into that situation omg

She’s an EMT!!!

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@jinkiescoobs @halsey [screaming]

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@halsey Dude that’s so bad ass

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@halsey ohhh okay

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@halsey omg alaina

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@halsey queen

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@halsey Oh really?!!

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@halsey that makes sense

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@halsey OH WORM?

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@halsey what’s tht

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You've seen both quarterbacks, some bad snaps, key stops by the defense and a late touchdown drive to tie it up.

Here's a quick recap of that first half with the #Huskers and Hawkeyes tied 13-13

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Well if McCaffrey and Martinez compete so well in practice and push each other, you might as well give them every 2 series! 🤷🏻‍♂️ #GBR #Huskers

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The #Huskers were just a little excited about Dicaprio Bootle's first career interception.
Good for the senior.

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From now on, any time I completely screw the pooch, I'm just going to claim that it's turf toe. #Huskers #GBR #Excuses

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@huskerextra I do you one better, WHY is the #huskers QB in the second half?

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That’s my man 6’8” @austin11allen ! #Huskers #GBR

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Is this game a rallying point? Guess we’ll find out, but the #Huskers need to find a way to turn those fleeting flashes of success into habits. Big 2nd half upcoming.

Also, the mental toughness of Adrian Martinez cannot be understated. I’m in awe. Let’s hope Jurgens follows suit

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#Huskers run defense holds up like this in the second half and they’ll have a chance to win the game. Encouraging sign.

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