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 6 days ago

.@SarahMGellar may have written the recipe, but @DohertyShannen did the cooking! @Kroger #ad

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@KanjiLikesBoys @funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Let’s use our acting

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 3 days ago

@CH37855970 @funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger RIGHT

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@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Buffy and Prue awesome

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 5 days ago

@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger The one thing I get out of this is that it looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t look like she’s aged a day in 20 years.

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@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger @mauraloran THIS IS VERY RELEVANT TO OUR INTERESTS

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 5 days ago

@funnyordie @ItaliaSmg @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Sarah so beautiful 😍😍

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@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Such a beautiful friendship. I love them both so much.

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 6 days ago
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@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Is this a new video? If so, I'm really happy to see Shannen looking so well!

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 6 days ago

@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Shannon seems vibrant. I hope she is doing well.

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Did anyone notice that none of @JoeBiden cabinet picks had hair dye running down their faces during the press conference? How refreshing 2 have good people, repping America! #AmericaIsBack #CanYouFeelABrandNewDay

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@JoeBiden It’s so refreshing to see a group of nominees speak to the wonders and strength of our nation and not to our leader. “America is back.”
#BidenTransition #AmericaIsBack #ProfessionaIntegrityIsBack #UnitedAmericaOfStates

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@HawaiiDelilah 4 years later, @HawaiiDelilah will realize she was wrong.

#AmericaIsBack? Say goodbye to 4 good years (minus China spreading the virus)!

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#AllEyesOnMI #AmericaIsBack #BREAKING #BreakingNews #MAGA #MAGA2020 #MAGATears #certifymichigan #DonaldTrump #TrumpTheFool #TransitionToBiden #KAG #KAG2020 #Election2020results #FightBack #HappyThanksgiving #Thanksgiving

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What a pleasure in the midst of this pandemic to see a group of true professionals begin to be gathered to run this country again. #AmericaIsBack JGW

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