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 4 days ago

"It changes the results of the election in Michigan if you take out Wayne county."

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@HRHAdeyemiAdams @joshtpm I see that Hollis donated $20 to his own fundraiser and it brought me to tears. Retweeting and donating from my personal account. Bless him and you. With love, an RN from CA

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 4 days ago

@john__rosevear @joshtpm When people mention Morgantown or WV.

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@RicoSuaveJD @joshtpm Putin's fondest wishes coming true.

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 4 days ago

@DianeKelly @joshtpm Just the Dem counties, no particular racial animus. Dane County is overwhelmingly white.

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@puckthecat1 @joshtpm That’s essentially what they’re playing with.

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@joshtpm "It changes the result of the election if you repeal the 15th Amendment"

really makes you think

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@joshtpm We decided to not count black people's votes. See also our recount in the black counties in WI.

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@joshtpm It changes the result in WV if you only count Morgantown, too.

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@joshtpm This is so sad. They really have nothing and want to burn down trust in our democracy.

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@joshtpm Trump paid $750 on taxes DESPITE MAKING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 59 yr old Hollis from #Dallas Texas, paid 8x of that but still can't afford his medications. Kindly help Hollis IF YOU CAN.


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That was a terrible play call. #MNF #LARvsTB

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Let’s say this together... TOO MUCH TIME FOR BRADY!


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Throw it on second to then run it on third. Saves Brady a timeout plus the two min warning. Not ideal Sean McVay #LARvsTB #MNF #MNFxESPN

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Again, just terrible play call #LARvsTB

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27/24 Rams back to the lead #LARvsTB

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Those @RamsNFL jerseys 🤮 Do used to have one of the best looking with their classic throwbacks. I have no clue what this is. #LARvsTB

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They still get to kick the field goal. But there is a LOT of time left... #LARvsTB

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Setting up for a vintage Brady game winning drive #LARvsTB

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