It’s #WorldChildrensDay!

Here’s a message of solidarity from UNICEF Ambassadors @annecurtissmith, @DaphneOP, @GaryValenciano1 and @siwonchoi.

We call on everyone to listen to children, stand up for their rights, and reimagine a better world and future #foreverychild.

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So tired of the pass interference downfield strategy #BALvsPIT

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Caught you marlon #BALvsPIT #Steelers

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Holding is only a penalty on the Steelers apparently. Fuck @NFLOfficiating #BALvsPIT #NFL #IdiotRefs #FuckTheRefs

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Steelers Defenders pretending to get off the pile #BALvsPIT

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They say defense wins championships but the Steelers offense may stop them from Super Bowl aspirations. #BALvsPIT

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😂😂😂 Refs trying to make it up to the Ravens #BALvsPIT

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I know Yo pissed right now


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Nfl officials are a bunch of dumb mother fuckers #BALvsPIT

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