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 3 days ago

The Animaniacs reboot hits Hulu today! Before you get started (or between bingeing the new episodes) check out this exclusive interview with Yakko. And Pinky. AND Dr. Scratchansniff. And a whole lotta others! @yakkopinky

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@funnyordie @yakkopinky You mean to tell us they're ALL @yakkopinky?! Amazing...

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@funnyordie @yakkopinky That’s not Mel Blanc! Lol #My #Fav #Cartoons

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Isn’t it fun how how the winner of DWTS - an ABC program - always ends up being a bachelor/bachelorette - which is also an ABC program - even if they’re not even that great of a dance couple #dwts #DWTSFinale #rigormorisgirl

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They need to do a season of @DancingABC where it’s all past winners competing against each other 👋🏻👋🏻

#dwts #wouldbegreat

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honestly the best photo 😂 #DWTSFinale #dwts

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I didn't watch most of the season.. just clips and what not.. Nev was ROBBED!!! #DWTS

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The fact that Johnny Weir didn't make the finals of #DWTS is actually truly homophobia. And it's even more of an insult that Nelly got through.

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@NevSchulman was robbed!! 😔 he should have won he was clearly the better dancer #DWTS

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Who ever is styling Tyra needs to be fired! One horrendous dress after another!

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