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 2 months ago

The UN Public Service Awards recognize initiatives that can help achieve the #GlobalGoals, including the promotion of inclusive & equitable services for all.

Deadline for submissions is 24 November. More details here:

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Aight I’m gonna call myself a part of bootwt u have 17k channel points hah-

Anyways take this selfie from I think a week ago bc I can’t take one Rn-

I’ll post an actual selfie in the morning it’s 12am

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“I ain’t never seen a un pretty Ranboo follower”
♥❀ ♥❀ ♥❀ ♥❀ ♥❀ ♥❀
1. THANK YOU FOR 300 FOLLOWERS HOLY SHIT THATS CRAZY THANK YOU FOR DEALING WITH MY POORLY EDITED PICSART MEMES LMAO 2. Happy #bootwtselfieday I put eyeliner on in the middle of the night smh.

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Happy #bootwtselfieday !! throwback to when I got too excited and spent 45 mins crying the day Ranboo joined the smp 😭 I had to explain to my parents that the reason I was crying was bc I was so proud of a block man I’ve never met (rts are appreciated!)

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YALL please drop your #bootwtselfieday so that i can hype you up

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go enderman go! 🤍🖤

> rts are epic!
> #bootwtselfieday

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hey girl im in a phone

↳ rts appreciated !

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we are so swag tbh
rt’s are cool :,)

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