"To be fair, men aren’t The Crown's only boredom-inducing downfall; there’s also far too much reliance on hunting, which is famously the dullest leisure activity that any human can pursue."

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 1 day ago

@voguemagazine wow I never thought I'd see something so baselessly opinionated from a distinguished magazine like vogue. #whatwereyouthinking

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@voguemagazine You meet all the right people hunting, shooting and fishing. Of course one could never expect plebs to understand that.

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@voguemagazine Season four is definitely lacking. It has a few interesting spots, but after loving seasons 1-3, I struggled to watch season 4. I hope 5 makes up for it. I’ll watch it no matter what bc I’m invested now.

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 1 day ago

@voguemagazine It takes a sick twisted mind to kill a sentient living being for the fun of it.

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@voguemagazine Never heard of it

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 1 day ago

@voguemagazine I absolutely loved Princess Diana!!!

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 1 day ago

@voguemagazine 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾
New video out...
Awesome - Danks....
Watch full video with the link below....👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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@voguemagazine What even is this article 💀 the crown is based off the royal family which include men there will obviously be men in the plot and a lot of the men have added to the plot. This article is so odd 💀

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@voguemagazine I really enjoyed it immensely!!!!

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All y’all tweeting #AllEyesOnMI better remember #istandwithabe

So much respect for @abrahamaiyash!

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Trump invited Michigan’s Republican controlled state legislatures to meet him in Washington in a campaign to overturn the results of an election he lost. Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey drank Dom Perignon at Trump's DC and tried to do his bidding #TrumpTheFool #AllEyesOnMI

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Michigan be trending every other day. And your state? #AllEyesOnMI

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John Kerry
Board of State Canvassers
Cartoon Network
Persona 5

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Love all of you my fellow Patriots!

No matter what...
We always have each others backs!

#AllEyesOnMI #CertifyMichigan #DitchTheWitch #MAGA

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