Makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared @SelenaGomez's glowing seasonal beauty look.

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$wolfddy1994 #keemstar no sob stories or anything I just plain and simple want to buy my son his own Xbox this holiday that's all I got to say if I don't get it I hope someone does something with it good for their kids or something unselfish.

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@KEEMSTAR $HomiTae #KEEMSTAR I feel this would help a lot, currently I've been dealing with my wisdom teeth coming in and its been nothing but pain, work is telling me I need to come in even though I'm having difficulty speaking. Watching your videos and trying to keep my mind off the pain

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#KEEMSTAR $jackierenee86 I would love to win because this would help be buy Christmas gifts for my 5 children! 3 of them are to old for the programs that help with Christmas!! So $500 could help me get them what they really want this year❀️

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$crusty513 #keemstar I need the 500 to help with bills backed up from me not being able to work as much cause my wife got diagnosed with stage 4 melonoma and we've been having a very hard time. Anything helps πŸ™ god bless

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$killatrav #KEEMSTAR I neee $500 so I could buy my mom a present, yesterday was her birthday and I had no money to get here anything and I want to get her something nice maybe a purse with those $500

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Hi lovelies 🀍 I’m new here can you all show me around here? ✌️ #KEEMSTAR

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