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 1 week ago

Solidarity is survival amid #COVID19.

Find some inspiring examples of hope and kindness in our latest @TwitterMoments:

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 6 days ago

@UN @TwitterMoments @UN that’s cute. Because Azerbaijan and turkey are living in solidarity with armenia during covid?

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 1 week ago

@UN @TwitterMoments Yes. Yes it is. & Not just during pandemics.

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 1 week ago

@UN @TwitterMoments Solidarity would be Palestinians way of survival.

When does "action" to save Palestinians, start?

Words seem cheap...


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@UN @TwitterMoments Doncaster🇬🇧is so proud to have a @CrodaPlc site providing an innovative delivery system for @pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. We also have a @Abingdon_Health #lateralflow #rapidtest site & @PPEXTRA1 making 1.7 million masks a mth.

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@UN @TwitterMoments Doncaster🇬🇧is ready to help #SideBySide We have a @ArdaghGroup site World leading producers of 100% recyclable glass & metal packaging. @CleanPowerH2 producing hydrogen by electrolysis & @DSA_Airport solar farm provides 1.7 MWp of zero carbon energy @COP26

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 1 week ago

@UN @TwitterMoments Stop simplifying critical times in our human existence. And stop using covid as an excuse to increase #authoritarian rule and loss of #CivilRights Fight #Corruption & #inequality to regain the trust of the public first.

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@UN @TwitterMoments First, @UN change your procedure of working!

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#MLSCupPlayoffs | Final:

Orlando City 1 - New England Revolution 3

⚽🇺🇸 #FaceOfCity #NERevs #MLSmls

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There are moments when the @NERevolution BREAK me. But there are moments of joy that one team, and one team alone provides for me. Two more games. #NERevs

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Arena calls the 2020 regular season “distorted” #NERevs

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The @NERevolution are on to the Conference Finals!

#MLSCupPlayoffs  | #NERevs

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Let’s fire whoever dropped the ball and cut off the #NERevs @ABCNetwork

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Thank god for Matt Turner and for that third goal ⚽️ Gil ➡️ Bou ➡️🥅 #NERevs

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Survive and advance! Let’s gooooo! #NERevs

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Bruce “I don’t know when the league went to single elimination but that’s huge.” #NERevs

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