@MeidasTouch That tuxedo with Queen Elizabeth #TrumpTheFool

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 2 months ago

Use the hashtag #TrumpTheFool and tell us the top reasons Trump is a fool!

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@cgritmon When you are more about "we" and less about "me" consumers will be more engaged and invested in your brand, bring you more UCG, referrals, and sales. #chataboutbrand

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@cgritmon A2. Even before COVID, the logistics required for in-person events and hosting online events were different but both share the ultimate goal of creating magical connections. #ChatAboutBrand

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Yes! Consumers do have the power! Great point. @cgritmon #ChatAboutBrand โ™ฅ๏ธ

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@cgritmon A3. It's a process of trust.

Everything is a process of trust and it's fundamental for your community to trust you first before investing in the brand or making a purchase.

This is a crucial part of the sales funnel.


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@cgritmon A3.
Building a community is a longer term marketing strategy than just pushing sales.

Relationship building and growing a community leads to a more loyal audience that will not only drive sales but create loyalty to your brand.


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@cgritmon A3: The market is too saturated, and competition too fierce, to rely on sales alone. People buy things that do the job, yes, but they KEEP buying what they like. Building community through brand, customer service, and innovation builds that likeability & loyalty #ChatAboutBrand

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@AKnightleyMKT Absolutely! I still say word of mouth marketing is the best marketing! #ChatAboutBrand

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A3 By building a community, you're turning your audience into advocates for your brand, instead of just clients
They feel included and that they're important to you, and more than just a sale
And you'll have a loyal support base when times are tough
-Alyx #chataboutbrand

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