So ready for #lotusinn 🤩 So ready for #lotusinn 🤩

So ready for #lotusinn 🤩

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#OneNightInMiami was an intimate, nuanced look into Black male friendship. Who are these four powerful men to each other when it's just them? Who are they to themselves? I don't think it's an accident that a Black woman, THEE @ReginaKing, brought out such incredible performances.

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SPENT: ✊🏾@ONIMfilm, @kingsleybenadir, @TheRealEliGoree, @leslieodomjr,@AldisHodge & [email protected] deserve an Academy Award for this masterpiece. This film spoke & moved me, it's relevant today

Didn't believe #achangeisgonnacome in 2020, but it did in 2021. #onenightinmiami👍🏾

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I’m hearing this #OneNightInMiami movie good . I definitely gotta check it out

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Thank you @ReginaKing and @Powerkeni. Not only will this 📽 remind us of our right to express ourselves to the world but more importantly to always and never forget the love we have for each other when the journey there is different #OneNightInMiami Run it back! Encore! Encore!✊🏾

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“its too important of a time to be wasting a brilliant and creative mind on pandering” #onenightinmiami this will always be true

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#OneNightInMiami #ReginaKing

"what's wrong, brother, ain't your shit safe here in the Black community"

"your friend is quite the truculent one"

"well, entertaining white people in the south, will bring the truculence out of any man"

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Malcom invited these niggas over to eat ice cream and reflect #OneNightInMiami

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