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I cant wait!!!! #lotusinn

@JonahMarais Can un complete the mutual? #lotusinn

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Was sympathetic to this before, but now that I am learning the execrable Greenwald was behind this, #rehireLauren, STAT. The Dean Baquet led @nytimes doesn't deserve her, but she deserves the work.

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Cowards and hypocrites. The Right only believes in free speech when it effects them. They still fantasize about an authoritarian government perpetuating it's policy of cruelty, nativism, white supremacy, homophobia, and misogyny.
#rehireLauren #NYTimes

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Hey @nytimes! Get on the RIGHT side of history and #rehireLauren.

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Man...I am so sick and tired of the knee-jerk PUSHOVERS at the @nytimes. Why do we treat them with such respect and deference?? Just ‘cause they USED to be something worth supporting?? #rehireLauren

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