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 2 months ago
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#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres So fucking what? Who cares about her and the rest of the vastly overpaid so-called celebrities!"Celebrity culture" is an oxymoron followed by morons who need to get a life!

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happy birthday big guy! hard to believe you're already 15! 15 may be just another year but just wait until you're 16! then you can drive.

good luck in classes, mom said you were having problems with algebra so if you need help lmk.

later skater👍 #HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres

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Here's cute pic of you, you probably didn't know about...

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#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres its a shame she didnt get to see this one 💔💔 RIP /j

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#HappyBirthdayEllenDeGeneres happy birthday kitten .. daddy bought you not 6 months but a whole YEAR of discord nitro😘😘😘😘 hop in priv vc

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