@Limes_Smile #TechnoSupport mr blade!! u have truly helped me so much during quarantine and always manage to make me laugh. we love you, stay safe <3

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@Limes_Smile Profile picture Smeeps 🐷💤


 2 months ago

Ayo can we have a #TechnoSupport thread in the replies and a small message for the blade? :)

His content has been a big comfort this year and he's such an inspiration for me, I hope he's doing alright! 💖

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Jimmie Rodgers 💔

#XMenVote #awesamtwtselfieday #QCongress

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@LeaderMcConnell #QCongress

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment clearly states the prohibition of incitement and sedition, therefore any politician who commits this act should be held accountable. Failure to follow through with accountability is a violation of the Constitution itself

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Breaking News: $WWR #QCongress @MetatraderRobot @tyschubarth @BullsNation__21 @Gambiste1 @jimtrainer41 @the_level2 $PTOP $CYBL $GME $NXGB

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