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 2 months ago

We'll give a #PS5 Spiderman-Bundle to a random person who retweet this within the next 13 hours. Ships worldwide!

Comment/retweet #FreePS5Wednesday (include cashapp for cash drops) & follow @ChicaLive & myself

Winner selected tonight via link below 🍀

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This looks good. I ❤️ a great story! Can't wait for #ChatAboutBrand on Feb. 2

(Can't believe it's almost February! 😮)

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@magnoliaheartc Glad you could join us, Shana! ❤️ #ChatAboutBrand

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@cgritmon @jaydeipowell @jencoleICT Christine! Phenomenal job! The broadcast was great. The chat was on fire. Thank you! #ChatAboutBrand ♥️

@jaydeipowell, your passion for a robust and healthy community fired me up! Thank you!

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