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 2 months ago

Quoted @martin_caparros

¿Y lo van a velar en la cancha de Boca, como corresponde?

¿No quedará muy chico?
#Maradona #D10s

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@LeaderMcConnell I understand this. However, you’re going to have to figure out what the Republican Party is going to be. You can’t be Lincoln and Reagan and trump. A party by the people, of the CEOs and for oneself is a #QCongress and can not stand.

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@LeaderMcConnell @TwitterSupport he has the wrong title
@GOP needs to clean house asap or you will be run into the ground, #trumpcult loyalists don't support you guys, they are loyal to him
You have the chance to chose your country or loyalty to a conman..

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Wow, bunch of crazy #Liberals trending #QCongress, like that is going to accomplish anything. Will #twitter expel them from Congress? Did I miss a new law? Or will it be #Amazon, #Apple, or #Google? #SpoilerAlert! This is not an official voting booth. @CNN @FoxNews @BBCWorld #USA

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EXPELL, complete investigations, prosecute & incarcerate #QGOP #QCongress

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