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 1 month ago

Cariños, me sumo a la campaña #ÚneteMéxico, de @ONUMujeresMX,
para prevenir y eliminar la violencia contra las mujeres y las niñas. Concienticemos sobre este problema tan serio y apoyemos esta iniciativa. 🧡 @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes

#Únete #DíaNaranja #PintaelMundodeNaranja

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@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes Que rara esta Thalia últimamente...
No está sacando buena música este año y su imagen se ve rarísimo

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@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes 👏🏼👏🏼

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@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes #úneteméxico 🧡🧡🧡❤❤❤

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@lakeiosmx @thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes Cuando le parece, anda perdida hace rato

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@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes Apoyamos a México en su lucha para erradicar la Violeta contra las mujeres. Maltratar una mujer es un absurdo. Debemos de amar nuestras mujeres, son nuestra ayuda mutua.

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 1 month ago

@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes Por ahí dicen que Thalia saluda a sus fans, es verdad? 🥺

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@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes apoyando la causa mi reina

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@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes 🧡🧡🧡👏🏼👏🏼

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 1 month ago

@thalia @ONUMujeresMX @sonymusicmexico @sofiareyes 🧡👌👏

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@DearAuntCrabby Perhaps Wyoming will 🗳 Don, selflessly, only kills what he needs to eat and survive. Another North Carolina problem #StolenValor with Eric - Who? Why? Claim Children's Partying on the Plaza as a conflict Jan 6th? Ivanka has China patents to manage with disclosures.

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Another lying cheating republican consrvative. #StolenValor

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So many reasons why, including #StolenValor, that Madison Cawthorn, @RepCawthorn/@CawthornforNC, has no business being in Congress.

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@NCGOP @CawthornforNC GOP-you sure know how to pick ‘em 🙄 #StolenValor #14thAmendmentSection3

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Glad to see #StolenValor trending #4.

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I guess it's not a surprise that this new Congressman from the party that embraces lies, conspiracies and fake news, also lied about his education at the Naval Academy. #stolenvalor.

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#Accomplishments When TRUMP departs the White House on January 20~
He Wants a Military Departure~

I agree~

#StolenValor #TrumpTreason #GOP #AmericaOrTrump #American #SaturdayThoughts #Ivanka

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