Cobb County, Georgia election officials plan to slash the number of early voting locations from eleven to five for the upcoming runoff election. This move will harm Black and Latinx voters as many of these polling places serve communities of color.

It is unacceptable that Cobb County - GA’s third-largest and already the site of the longest early voting lines of 2018 and 2020 - would close more than half of its early voting locations for Jn 5 runoff. The county must immediately reverse course. #gapol

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 1 month ago

@AVerngren @fairfightaction That’s all @GovKemp knows how to do. That’s what got him into office to begin with.

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@MollyC82 @fairfightaction @GOP They didn't win last time with cheating so they're making sure they win now.

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 1 month ago

@AMSunrisen @fairfightaction @staceyabrams Claiming that there are not enough poll workers avail to staff all the sites.

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@fairfightaction How is this fair?



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 1 month ago

@fairfightaction @staceyabrams take it to court

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 1 month ago

@fairfightaction Wow! The @GOP cannot win without cheating

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@fairfightaction @staceyabrams Now this looks like voter suppression by limiting access, what's the stated reasoning, does anyone know?

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 1 month ago

@fairfightaction Can you say voter suppression? 🤬

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 1 month ago

@fairfightaction Disgusting

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