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 1 month ago

🏆 #OTD in 2011, Barça beat Santos 4-0 in Yokohama, to win the Club World Cup. Goals from #Messi 2x, #Xavi, and @cesc4official.

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 1 month ago

@CuIeNico @FCBarcelona @cesc4official Best starting XI for us at the moment. But Fatass coach would never make this happen.

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@Mica32x @FCBarcelona @cesc4official @RiquiXtra Heard Koeman's one of the admins mate

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 1 month ago

@FCBarcelona @cesc4official Best club in the world

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 1 month ago
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 1 month ago

@FCBarcelona @cesc4official This is why messi is the greatest of all time

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@FCBarcelona @cesc4official And then signed Neymar 2 years later

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@jimmyfallon I had a car that required me to shove a butter knife into that gas cap door in order for it to pop open. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #MyWorstCar

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Pontiac Grand Am, about a decade ago. My mechanic called it a lemon. Stupid labor costs due to bad design #MyWorstCar

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@jimmyfallon #MyWorstCar My first car was an 87 Sentra and the gas gauge did not work. I ran out of gas, in my PJs, no shoes on, and this was before cell phone were a big thing. Someone helped me push my car to a gas station. I had no power steering. I had a love hate relationship w/the car.

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@jimmyfallon I went to a dealership to trade in my 1971 Pinto. After inspecting it the salesman came back to me and said, "you know it has an engine knock? We can only give you $500." I said "You're kidding?! I'll take it!" #MyWorstCar

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@jimmyfallon #MyWorstCar We had a Ford Aerostar that literally would lose car parts while driving. We called it "The Beast"

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My bad 😁😁😁 lmao

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Was a 2001 Buick century named Norman that was a complete beater, leaked coolant consistently, had no AC, and could never pass inspection. Despite all that, I still put in a $1500 sound system that you could hear from miles away. I am embarrassed for my past self. #MyWorstCar

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