For hardcore Kamal Haasan and Crazy Mohan fans, there are a lot of memorable references to discover from @DisneyplusHSVIP's latest show #Triples starring Jai and Vani Bhojan. I managed to catch a lot of them. Did you? Tell me in the comments section. #TriplesTheFun

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@abhibanerjee2 Profile picture Abhisek


 4 weeks ago

@vicky_vj1597 @ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP @MdShami11 Shami is out of the test series

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@TheKing46591896 @ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP Brother didn't understand what you said but can feel the pain.

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@IndianIcc7 @ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP he did everything😂 What you want from him now

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@ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP Shami is available for next match?? @ashwinravi99 @MdShami11 slunga ash

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@TheKing46591896 Profile picture TheKing


 4 weeks ago

@ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP 36 allout anatha nenachu feel pannitu irukom neenga ena da na triples kandraviku promote pannitu iruka🙄🙄🙄

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@ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP I haven't watched it yet!! Is it that good to watch?? Any suggestions @ashwinravi99

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 4 weeks ago

@ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP ash bhai a pak wale bhut troll kar rahe h agli bar bhi aap acchi bolwing karna😥

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@ashwinravi99 @DisneyplusHSVIP Annna vannakam Anna😍😍🤩🤩🤩

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