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E a atualização de melhor high note foram atualizadas, rest in peace volverlo a intentar , obrigado por tudo Anahi.

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 3 weeks ago

@SupportAny Felicidades! 🤩🥳

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@SupportAny Tudoooooo 🤍

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@SupportAny Perfecta

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@SupportAny Felicidades support te lo mereces tanto

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@SupportAny suppporrrrrt

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@SupportAny VEI a anahi VIU

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 3 weeks ago

@SupportAny @bah_pettermann_ que nota foi essa more

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@Miketheking75 @WishIwasSpock It was horror because they were trying to keep themselves alive and wait for the right moment the whole time. And the bomb. The tone has a horror underlining #SwordArtOnline

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The clothes saved him 😂

Warmly dressed, huh... I guess you got a vest from #SwordArtOnline earlier
@WishIwasSpock #FireForce

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This franchise can't get any worse than Dragon Ball at the very least😊
#swordartonline Alicization (War Of Underworld)

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I thought they were going to be Dr. Stone'd for 200 years. They get to keep living their lives instead of counting seconds while stuck as statues. #Toonami #SwordArtOnline

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せっかくMMORPGやってるんだから、もっと友達作ればいいのに #SwordArtOnline

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That episode of #SwordArtOnline had no Alice in it. Will this episode of Fire Force have no Maki? Well i saw the episode already but if you haven't watch and find out
#Toonami #Anime #FireForce

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Bruuh, so much shit happened tonight, what the fuck....Kayaba Bot just clutched harder than the Wuxi Finger Hold and just pulled a Houdini while PoH is apparently STILL not fuckin' dead yet despite being Ferngully'd.

#SwordArtOnline #Toonami

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