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 4 weeks ago

will cont ‘post a pic of...’ another night :) My laptop just died && that’s where all the throwback stuff is .... love searching for dates and seeing what comes up 🥺 those were fun :) ❤️ love y’aaallllllll

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 4 weeks ago

@stylesimbored @GiGiHadid shut up, it's about her, not zayn

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@GiGiHadid we need more zayn😩

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 4 weeks ago

@GiGiHadid That was so much fun omg!! Can’t wait for part 2 🥰 do you have time for a quick #AskGigi round?

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@GiGiHadid love uu

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 4 weeks ago

@GiGiHadid thank you for doing the trend💕💕💕

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 4 weeks ago

@GiGiHadid cant wait ily

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 4 weeks ago


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@VP We need collective effort and resolve against genocide . #France & #Cameroon systemic brutal genocide in Ambazonia will never stop our unalienable rights to freedom and liberty.

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It's hard to bear...it' s burdensome...it always saddens....we still must never forget!!

#NeverForget 🕯
#NeverAgain 🕯

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Em hipótese alguma isso deve ocorrer novamente, uma das páginas mais sombrias da nossa história.

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Der #Holocaust geschah auch in #Magdeburg. Daran erinnert unsere 50minütige Doku über die Verfolgung und Ermordung der Magdeburger Juden während der NS-Zeit, die heute auch im TV läuft. #weRemember #HolocaustGedenktag

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On #HolocaustRemembranceDay, we mourn the lives of six million Jews and millions of others lost to the evils of Nazism. Avoiding the horrors of the Holocaust in the future means calling out anti-semitism, hatred, bigotry, and bias now. #WeRemember

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