"It genuinely makes me sad to think people would believe that, and I've been kind of sad about it all day. That is not what I was doing. I wasn't dissing a restaurant. I was dissing criminality."

@AndersonCooper responds to Fox News criticizing his reference to the Olive Garden

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@Apple5474 Profile picture Saja


 1 week ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper Anderson watching your show tonight and hearing Sean Hannity’s insulting comment angered me. Your kindness and compassion is evident. You are humble, honest, and greatly respected.... something Hannity knows little about!

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@AC360 @andersoncooper I watched Thursdays show you were completely taken out of context. Going out to dinner and sleeping in a warm comfy hotel is not what any of the deserve. Arrested and jailed is what they deserve. Fox is grasping at straws to try to change the subject.

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@KTFaye Profile picture KTFaye


 1 week ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper Sean Hannity is desperate to come up with the next “Ooo, Look, Shiny!!!” to distract his troglodytes from the fact his special buddy Trump is culpable in the murder of a capitol police officer, killed by Trump’s mob while doing Trump’s bidding...

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@Samira_Abdo Profile picture Samira Hart


 1 week ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper You do not need to explain yourself, Anderson! Especially to something and someone so ridiculous. They are reaching over at Fox...and it's pathetic on their part. You are loved...this 🇨🇦 respects you tremendously! Keep up with the amazing work you do! 👏❤

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@Yemi_526 Profile picture Oluwayemisi


 1 week ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper 1. Never feel bad for hurting the feelings of Hannity and Turker followers. 2.Never apologize for your wealth, I’m sure you and your mom worked hard for it. 3.The normal & reasonable people fully understand what you meant. 4.They will never like you because you are decent!

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@tangldMoments Profile picture Gina


 1 week ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper Anderson, you have always been a gracious anchor in the most traumatic times in our lives. As a boy mom, you exemplify how I wish my son to conduct himself. Thank you. ♥️

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@AC360 @andersoncooper Anderson, don’t let it make you sad. I saw the segment and it never even occurred to me that you were dissing the establishments. I knew exactly what you were saying. So did Fox and they are just trying to get in your head. Don’t let them! Keep doing what you do!!

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@AnnaYoung87 Profile picture ANNA YOUNG


 1 week ago

@AC360 @andersoncooper I was listening when made the statements. I understood exactly what you were talking about. Until your show tonight, it never crossed my mind that you were "dissing a restaurant" or a hotel. I thought you were "dissing criminality." Seems like I was correct.

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@AC360 @andersoncooper Praise the positive,
Ignore the negative.
You have no reason to apologize to Fox PERIOD!
You’re the best, whether delivering the news or taking shots on NYE! I especially love it when you let your hair down!

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@AC360 @andersoncooper We all know what you meant @andersoncooper @FoxNews just doesn’t understand anything that comes out of your mouth..you Anderson are too smart for them..but no worries..we got you! 💙💙💙

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