🗣"You pay it with the ones you love."

On this week's episode, @GuillemBalague spoke to @cesc4official about his football obsession and how it affects those around him.

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 2 days ago

@purefootballpod @cesc4official @GuillemBalague thanks Fab . I need ur follow back thou

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 3 days ago

@purefootballpod @GuillemBalague @cesc4official Tell him unblock me Guillem

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Nothing like watching #WandaVision& cleaning to relax after spending the majority of the previous day in the hospital

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next week's ep we are getting this #WandaVision

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#wandavision güzel bir şey olacak gibi duruyor. Elizabeth Olsen sadece dursa bile izlerim onu orası ayrı konu gerçi .d

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Si, pero #WandaVision y la guerra de los clones, es lo único que no está de hueva.

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#WandaVision is fucking awesome. It’s so damn unique and a really clever concept. Not to mention how impossibly likable @Paul_Bettany is and how insanely hot Elizabeth Olsen is....love it 😻😻 #Marvel

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Yo primer cosa de marvel en 2 años alguien, end game 2019 buena #Marvel #DisneyPlus #WandaVision

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#wandavision is pretty great tho, solid 8/10

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