Georgia man arrested following US Capitol riots dies by suicide, medical examiner says. - @11AliveNews

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@JohaParkerP @BreakingNews @11AliveNews You're going to see alot more of that. I'll tell ya that much

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@BreakingNews @11AliveNews So wait a minute, they're all dying by suicide now? What the hell is going on here?

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@JohaParkerP Profile picture Johanna P


 1 week ago

@BreakingNews @11AliveNews Mmmmm suspicious

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@BreakingNews @11AliveNews Man that’s too obvious.

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the girl who played pepa looked more like spinderella than pepa. that was a weird visual for me. #SaltNPepaMovie

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The guy who plays Kevin looks way better than the actual Kevin #WendyWilliamsMovie #WendyWilliams #Lifetime #SaltNPepaMovie

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Yea bitch that’s how shit usually happens lls you take about ppl n then yo shit crazy n ppl show the same respect #Karma #WendyWilliams #SaltNPepaMovie

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read #LetsTalkAboutPep the same year it came out. I haven't been able to enjoy seeing Treach on anything ever since. I used to think he was some kind of fine. Now I just think he's some kind of crazy. #SaltNPepaMovie Minus checking Briana, I felt the same about him being on #GUHH

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Play was so fine to me! RT @pbd_blog: When you go from Sears Call center to Legendary Hip Hop Artists in the 21st Century #SaltNPepaMovie

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