Thrills await within the terrifying tales of "Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 2"! 🌌

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 3 days ago

@Ollerhead76 Drache, yes! Now I don't know if DH has lost all Alien-related rights!

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 3 days ago

@Marvel Did marvel get the rights for the Alien ip from dark horse because Disney brought Fox?

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 3 days ago

@Marvel Are these the Dark Horse stories?

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@Marvel Nice

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Someone put it on a T shirt #NJDevils

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Imma get a Yegor jersey #NJDevils #NHL #Devils

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Miles Wood with the re-direct and the Devils take the 1-0 lead!


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Yegor Sharangovich thought he could score and so he did 💪🙌

That's the kind of thinking we need on the @NJDevils!!

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#NJDevils Auburn Soriano Skai "Bow Wow" "ADDISON RAE" #GoPackGo #UFCFightIsland7 asd

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#NJDevils Auburn Soriano Skai "Bow Wow" "ADDISON RAE" #GoPackGo #UFCFightIsland7

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@oneruel5 k #UFCFightIsland7     #GoPackGo     Buckley Bow Wow Skai Werner Rand Paul Baked Alaska #Caturday Loews #1YearWithBlackSwan Auburn Aaliyah Tafa #NJDevils     Bruins Hot Pockets Kong Minnesota Halak Chiefs Pulisic

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What poor soul has to keep up with this stat? Wow! I mean Jack Hughes Is doing great here though. #NJDevils

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