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US House debates a second impeachment effort against of President Trump.

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@BreakingNews @NBCNewsNow NAZI PELOSI👹

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@BreakingNews @NBCNewsNow The man is going to be out of office on the 20th! Can we get on with your job which is supposed to be doing what is best for@the PEOPLE not you personally. You are only dividing the country more not uniting it!

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 1 week ago

@BreakingNews @NBCNewsNow This is not Twitter worthy.

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@BreakingNews @NBCNewsNow why does there need to be a debate? They were all witnesses to what he did.

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@BreakingNews @NBCNewsNow This debate doesn’t need to last longer than a 30 second show of hands. We all saw what he did.

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It's good to hear a loud crowd again after 10 months.
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Who needs a link for a UFC 257 stream? follow me and will DM you #UFC257             #connormcgregor #UFCFightIsland

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Here we go!! Poirier VS McGregor! It’s time!!
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This better be as good as the Holloway fight. #UFCFightIsland

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Guys! They are in the Octagon!!! 🙈

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Battle for the BMF #UFC257 #ufc #UFCFightIsland Let’s Get It On!!!!

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