As Ms. Marvel, what is Kamala's battle cry?

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@Marvel I thought this was a Simpsons joke

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Who is NOT one of Kamala’s teammates in Champions?

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Who is Kamala's best friend?

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Where is Kamala from?

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How did Kamala get her powers and become Ms. Marvel?

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Think you know Kamala Khan, AKA. Ms. Marvel? ⚡️

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Smith Bros are eating today... pivotal in these short down stops #LARvsGB

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Go for this the whole game

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Rams or Packers? Final score? #GoPackGo #LARvsGB #RamsHouse #Rams #Browns #RavensFlock #Packers #Ravens #nfl #NFLPlayoffs #football #BillsMafia #Chiefs #saints #Buccaneers

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That all right. Packers defense knows it's going to be a long day while you have a field goal. Kick the field goal. The game is not out of reach. #LARvsGB

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sean mcvay holding his playsheet up to his mouth even though he is wearing a mask *chef's kiss* #LARvsGB

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Play clock running low and the ref said you aren’t gonna snap this ball. Get out of the damn way and let them play. #LARvsGB

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