Dr @Swamy39
Probe on Wuhan institute study on bats in Nagaland

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty Jai hind sir पीएमओ sir, कृपया मेरी मर्सी अपील को सुनिए मै नौ साल से लिख रहा हूँ कृपया मेरी बिनती को सुनिए मेरी पांच बच्चियां है मै बिना नौकरी के पालन पोषण करने मे असमर्थ हूँ कृपया मुझे नौकरी पर पुनः रखने मी कृपा कीजिये

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catching up with Critical Role's last ep #criticalrolespoilers

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers man... the baldur's gate 3 vibes CONTINUE
thinking about having the tadpole in your head.. clearly a BAD thing.. but being able to use it. a powerful too ... man

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I feel like I look at spoiler hashtags now just to see if I’m caught up enough with anything to understand even the spoilers. Clearly not true for #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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"if you're a good boy you can have this every night"

Yo Liam, the fuck man

#CriticalRole #criticalrolespoilers

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ONE time im too tired to catch the first run and i miss ESSEK, LUCIEN FLIRTING WITH CALEB *AND* THE EMPIRE KIDS SUCCUMBING TO THE LURE OF KNOWLEDGE???? DGDHD i hate it #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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If after the break there isn't a beauyasha date I'm gonna be disappointed.


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