Former Michigan Gov. Snyder, who ran the state at the time of the 2014 Flint water scandal, has been charged in connection with his role in the city's Legionnaires' disease outbreak, which killed 12 people.

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@BreakingNews Awesome
King Dick has to be held liable

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@BreakingNews Can't believe that it has taken this long. Is he even still alive?

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@BreakingNews AMEN 🙏 Was touched by this story and glad to hear justice is hopeful being served.

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@BreakingNews “The decision by Snyder’s administration in 2014 to switch Flint from Detroit's water system to the Flint River led to the disaster, as the untreated river water resulted in pipe corrosion and lead contamination.”.

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@BreakingNews “He faces two charges of willful neglect of duty, according to online court records, and faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.”

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@BreakingNews He should be charged with felonies for knowingly poisoning children...

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@BreakingNews All that to SAVE MONEY

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Okay #WANDAVISION i see you 😏...

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#WandaVision é muito top

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THREAD: #Spoilers on #WandaVision (my wife the comics expert & I are analyzing the show).

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Legion is a pretty great show #WandaVision

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Viendo los 2 primeros caps de #WandaVision pues... Qué primeros capítulos tan aburridos! Y vaya qué esperaba la serie. Tengo mucha fé que mejorará con los siguientes caps. Imposible que sean tan malos como los 2 primeros 😅

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ALRIGHT!! #WANDAVISION!! I have some good things and some bad things about theses first two episodes but for now, I’m back on the MCU train

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WandaVision diferente do que eu imaginei, de uma forma muito boa. Dois episódios maravilhosos

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