Germany reports 1,244 deaths from Covid-19, the highest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic.

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@BreakingNews Important to get the world vaccinated properly using CDC methods to ensure good outcomes

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@BreakingNews Does anyone know how many people are found as positive cases in the people who have taken a vaccination?

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@BreakingNews It’s mind boggling that 11 months in, countries are still having their worst days of the pandemic. A dropped ball by everyone all over the world. Goes to show, we really have no clue what we’re doing as humans. Sad.

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Everyone thinks he talking about steph curry 😆😅 #LeoFulton

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“I’m the only world champion in any sport in Philadelphia,” - Stephen Fulton, Jr. #boxing #LeoFulton @coolboysteph

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Alhamdulillah indeed, Cool Boy Steph. Congrats, akhi
#boxing #LeoFulton

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Stephen Fulton said he met Floyd Mayweather, Angelo Leo's promoter, at a Deontay Wilder fight.

"He said he didn't know me, but I be he knows me now."


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After watching tonight, Inoue's team might very well want to keep him the hell away from Cool Boy Steph. #LeoFulton #boxing

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Fulton said he felt himself pulling away around the 5th-6th round. The judges felt the same way

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"I met [@angeloxleo1] promoter @FloydMayweather at the Wilder fight and he said he didn't know me. I bet he knows me now." - @coolboysteph 👑 #TheNEW #LeoFulton #PBConShowtime

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