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 1 day ago

Gemini is launching a credit card with bitcoin rewards by @romaindillet

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 6 hours ago

@TechCrunch @romaindillet All these people pissed at bitcoin because they didn't invest back in 2011 lmao

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 8 hours ago

@TechCrunch @romaindillet bitcoin is associated with the capitol riots.

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 19 hours ago
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 21 hours ago

@TechCrunch @romaindillet yawnnnnnnn boring.

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 23 hours ago

@TechCrunch @tyler @romaindillet Probably gonna be as shitty as the first one that launched

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 1 day ago

@TechCrunch @romaindillet Skeptical if winklewoss twins think they can put an alternative to current financial services.

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So far I'm enjoying the long awaited return to the MCU with BeWitched! #WANDAVISION

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У них ужин и я ничего не понимаю.
мама спаси

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Dios mio como necesitaba ver a mi esposa #WANDAVISION

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#Wandavision is very different, but so far I’m definitely enjoying it! Really interesting tie-ins, very comedic at times and has definitely got me excited to see what’s next

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первые две серии ВандаВижн интригующие и захватывающие, стилизация под ситкомы 50-60 прекрасна и оттого серии, которые идут каждая по 25 минут, очень легко смотрятся и вообще не замечаешь как проходит время. Также ОЧЕНЬ интересные намёки на ложную реальность Ванды

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