Replying to @ArtiSharma001: If Jallikattu is animal cruelty then ban halal meat: Subramanian @Swamy39 (23/1/2017)💥💥

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If Jallikattu is animal cruelty then ban halal meat: Subramanian @Swamy39 (23/1/2017)💥💥

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers yknow i havent seen anyone put forth the idea that lucien might have just lost two of his extra eyes

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@Gnollregard #CriticalRoleSpoilers He's not one to be that cruel when it comes to player agency. It only happened twice: the Iron Shepherds and Obann.

I firmly hope that he will not do this to them. Not now. Or else it'll feel like they have no chance.

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers the way my mind is RACING

if y'all have followed me.. you KNOW the theories I've talked about .. with the Luxon
and it having a counterpart


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@Tiamat_ZX I just need more facts before I see this as totally negative or possibly helpful. My head is spinning with the possibilities. Beau's my fav so I'm worried for her, but I need to know more before I fully freak out. I'm just cautiously intrigued right now. #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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@Gnollregard #CriticalRoleSpoilers Honestly, if there was EVER a time for them to stop being afraid, it's NOW. Because they can't afford to stall here. Not when there is uncertainty of whether they'll even walk away from this together.

At least, I'm hoping that this is what will happen.

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I'm still shook by that ending.
What the fuck.
How am I supposed to wait a week to see what it'll actually do to them??? #CriticalRoleSpoilers #CriticalRole

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#criticalrolespoilers I'm crying at this ad, I love these dorks so much

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I’m so fucking nervous y’all just please Mattholomew do not hurt me like you did when Yasha was brainwashed by Obann. Do not uno reverse that young man. #criticalrolespoilers

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